4 Million Years Ago
10,000 BC to 5000's BC
4000's BC to 3000's BC
2000's BC to 1600's BC
1500's BC to 1100's BC
1000's BC to 900's BC
800's BC to 700's BC
600's BC to 500's BC
400's BC to 300's  BC
200's BC
100's BC to 0
1 AD to 100's AD
200's AD to 300's AD
400's AD
500's AD
600's AD
700's AD
800's AD
900's AD
1000 AD
1100 AD
1200 AD
1300 AD
1400 AD
1500 AD
1600 AD
Alexander The Great 336 BC to 323 BC
Anatolia 7000 BC to 333 BC
Canaan 7000 BC to 922 BC
Crusades 1009 to 1699
Egypt 4000 BC to 323 BC
Europe 8300 BC to 400's AD
Greece 6000 BC to 323 BC
Iran 6000 BC to 550 BC
Israel 922 BC to 705 BC
Israel 1947 onward
Judah 922 BC to 332 BC
Mesopotamia 5000 BC to 332 BC  
Palestine 582 BC to 1948
Persia 600 BC to 331 BC
Phoenicia 2000 BC to 332 BC
Rome 900 Bc to 0
Rome 0 to 400 AD
Syria 7000 BC to 332 BC



Interesting Tidbits in Time

Firsts in Time

This is an on going project that will, most likely, continue the rest of my life.
It is a collection of events in an attempt to wrap my mind around the massive quantity information regarding our past.

My study focus spots are the beginning years to Alexander's time and European history to 1600.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the facts, the fiction, the guesses and the tidbit stories as much as I do.

A note regarding accuracy:

I generally do not respond to rude or impolite letters and while I have received only one criticizing the year 279 and my writing all together, I would like to state that for this timeline, I used as many sources as I could possibly find, an entire bookshelf in my library is devoted to history. We weren't there, so we have to rely on the wide variety of reports throughout time, as conflicting as they might be.

The entire purpose here was to make my own notes for my understanding of who went where, why and when. My relative might have been born on Mars, but was not of Martian decent, thusly I wished to know just when the Venetians had conquered Mars and started the blending their races.

It is a continual, ongoing project, that sadly, gets neglected for lengths at a time. I had fun putting it together and adding to it over the years. If it is not as accurate as someone feels it should be, I apologize profusely.

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