700's - Alban (Scotland) united in Roman church only, Picts and Scots spoke different languages.

Roman Christianity has been accepted through all Anglo Saxon kingdoms by this time

704 - Eadwith becomes King of Northumbria

705 - Osred I, son of Aeldfrith becomes King of Northumbria

c 710 - Halfdan Olafsson "Hvitbein becomes King of Norway

711 - Visigoth empire ends, Umayyad Muslims take their lands

712 - Idwal Iwrch Cadwaladr dies of the plaque, his son, Rhodri Molwynog Idwal becomes King of Gwynedd

714 - Charles Martel, Pepin II's son supported the Lombards and Boniface in Germany, escaping from prison to take leadership of Austrasia

716 - Æthelbald rules Mercia, son of Alwih

716 - Coenred becomes King of Northumbria

718 - Osric, son of Ealdfrith becomes King of Northumbria

719 - Ratbod of Germany died, Charles  Martel took western Friesland, returned to Cologne, convinced Plectrude (his father's other wife) she should return his father's legacy to him. Proclaimed the Merovingian Clotaire IV King of Austrasia, reserving for himself the title of Mayor of the Palace

719 - Frankish king Clotaire IV died (Lothair), Charles Martel appointed Chilperic II King of France

720 - Chilperic II died, Charles Martel appointed Dagobert III's son, Thierry IV (Theodoric IV)

720 - Charles Martel defeated the Saxons, reuniting the Franks as they were in his father's time, Pepin of Heristal.

721 - An illuminated manuscript, Lindisfarne Gospels, written in Ireland

725 - Elisedd Gwylog became King of Powys

726 - Mercia King Aethelbold called himself "King of Britain."

726 - Eochaid III Mac Ecohald, son of Eochaid II becomes King of Dal Riata, taking over after the reign of Ferchar's sons who murdered his father.  His positon restored Dal Riata to the original Cenel (tribe/family) of Gabhran.

729 - Ceolwulf, brother of Coenred becomes King of Northumbria

729 - Haley's comet seen, related to Moselm Saracen ravages in France.

732 - October, Martel's victory at Battle of Poitiers at Tours stopped Saracen Moslems advance in west. The battle lasted seven days, Moslem leader Abd-er-Rahman was slain, Charles Martel got his name "The Hammerer" and the battle is known for the decisive outcome of Christianity vs Islamic control in Europe. Moslems retreated to Pyrenees in 759.

733 - Eochaidh III dies at an early age, Dal Riata is controlled by other families until 750

737 - Eadberht, cousin of Ceolwulf becomes King of Northumbria

737 - Thierry IV (Theodoric IV), King of France died, Charles Martel assumed full power without legal right

741 - Martel divided lands between sons, Austrasia and Germany for Carloman, Neustria and Burgundy to Pepin III the Short

747 - Pepin III the Short ruled alone until 768 after Carloman died, Pepin elected King 758

750 - Aodh Hugh Fionn, son of Eochaid III became King of Dal Riata, establishing a peace not known for over 150 years. His brother, Regus, succeeded him.

c 750 - Eysteinn Halfdansson becomes King of Norway

751 - Pepin III the Short defeats the last Merovingian king and takes throne, crowned in 754 by Pope Stephen

754 - Cynan Dinaethwy Rhodri, son of Rhodri Idwa becomes King of Gwynedd

755 - Brochfael Elisedd became King of Powys

756 - Pepin III the Short rushes to protect Pope, defeated Lombards in Italy, made The Donation of Pepin, starting the Papal States.

757 - Æthelbald murdered, Offa II rules of Mercia to 796, followed by series of weak kings Ecgfrith and Coenwulf

Offa drew an actual frontier line between Mercia and Wales with 120 mile long Offa's dyke.
Incorporated Sussex and maybe East Anglia into Mercia.
First English king to have a foreign policy, founded abbey at St Albans
Offa's Tribal Hedage, document of his reign was admired by Alfred the Great

758 - Oswulf, son of Eadberht becomes King of Northumbria

759 - Pepin III the Short defeats Septimanis, disciplined Aquitane (most of France) and ruled to the Pyrenees

759 - Aethelwald becomes King of Northumbria

765 - Ealchred becomes King of Northumbria

768 - Pepin III the Short died

Charles the Great (Charlemagne) got Austrasia, Neustria, Northern Aquitane, rebellious states around Carloman's territory

Carloman got strong interior, Paris, Burgundy, Provence, Septimanis, southern Aquitane

Brothers ruled together 768 - 771, Charles alone 771 - 814

768 - Charlemagne takes Bavaria

768 - Elfoddw, the bishop of Gwynedd persuaded the Welsh church to adopt the church of Rome's method of calculating Easter, the main rift between Celtic and Roman churches since the Synod of Whitby in 664.

769 - Aquitane became rebellious, Carloman let Charles (Charlemagne) handle it. Bertrada, their mother, squelched their hatred for each other

771 - Charlemagne married Desiderata, daughter of Lombard King Desiderius, later divorced her. The marriage worried Pope and Charlemagne's brother. Carloman was pro-Lombard.

771 - Carloman died, Charlemagne unites Frankish kingdoms quickly. Desiderius takes Rome and papal lands.

772 - Hadrian requests Charles' help, who gathers forces at Geneva and attacks Italy and Lombard forces.

772 - Charlemagne married Hildegarde of Vinzgau from Prussia

773 - Cadell Brochfael became King of Powys

773 - Charles added Venetia, Istria, Dalmatia and Corsica to his kingdom

774 - Charles (Charlemagne) conquerors Pavia and absorbed Lombard territories (Italy) into the Frankish Empire, sends Desiderius and family, including Desiderata (?) into monastery exile.

774 - Aetherlred I, son of Aethelwald becomes King of Northumbria

775 - Charlemagne starts campaign against Saxons and leader Widukind

778 - Charlemagne invades Muslim Spain, but was ambushed and lost many generals. Events that The Song of Roland was written about take place. Charlemagne's rear guard leaves Gascon, Spain and Roland is defeated

779 - Aelfwald, son of Oswulf becomes King of Northumbria

c 780 - Halfdan Eysteinsson becomes King of Norway

781 - Aquitane becomes rebellious again, Charlemagne places son Louis I the Pious there.

781 - Eochaid IV The Venemous, grandson of Eochaid III becomes King of Dalriada and Scotland

782 - Charlemagne orders execution of 4500 Saxon prisoners in response to Saxon leader Widukind's attacks

783 -  Charlemagne's wife, Hildegarde of Vinzgau dies in childbirth, Charlemagne's mother, Bertrada Countess of Laon, dies three months later.

785 - Charlemagne finally conquered Saxony after thirty years and 18 campaigns

787 - Scandinavian bands dispersed from home over rising local powers.
First recorded raid of Danes in England at Wessex

Swedes to Russia, Norwegians and Danes to the British isles.

788 - Charlemagne absorbed Bavaria into his kingdom

789 - Norsemen/Danes/Vikings landed at Dorchester and slew greeting parties. Danes wintered on the Isle of Thanet on the Thames

789 - Current king of Wessex Beorhtric was negotiating to marry Offa's daughter, felt Egbert was a difficulty, suggested Offa hand Egbert over. Egbert fled, perhaps to Charlemagne's court having strong Frankish connections thought his Kentish ancestry, possibly arriving around 792

789 - Constantine MacFergus became the King of Dal Riata (811?), withstanding Viking raids and ruled both the Scots and the Picts.

789 - Osred II, son of Ealhred becomes King of Northumbria

790 - Aethelred I becomes King of Northumbria again

792 - Offa angered Charlemagne by trying to marry Charlemagne's daughter to Offa's son, where as Charlemagne broke off all relations with England.

793 - First large Viking raid Northumberland coast. Danes destroyed monastery at Lindisfarne and then Jarrow, took over areas along the Dee, Humber, Ribble, Tyne, Medway and Thames rivers. Viking ships allowed shallow water travel and mass attacks

793 - Saracens Muslims invade Aquitane

795 - Pope Hadrian dies, replaced same day by Leo III

795 - Vikings raided Ireland

796 - Charlemagne conquers Avars, now Hungary and Austria

796 - Jul 26, Offa, king of Mercia died

796 - Osbald becomes King of Northumbria, quickly replaced by Eardwulf

799 - Pope Leo III brutally attacked while in Rome, nurses with Charlemagne

Late 700's - The Irish Book of Kells, illuminated manuscript of the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John produced by Christian monks on the Scottish isle of Iona or in the Irish town of Kells

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