200's  AD Oldest Mayan temples in Central America built
200's Glass objects were made in Rome
208 Emperor Septimius Severus arrives invading Caledonia (Scotland), restored Roman military, fixes Hadrian's Wall as final frontier of Roman conquest.
220 Goths invade Asia Minor
250 ish Persian dynasty established under Sassanid.
End of Chinese Han dynasty
Start of the classic Mayan period, development of writings, art, science, architecture (to 900's)
250 - 290 Invasions of Rome by Franks and Goths
German Saxon pirate raids on eastern and southern coasts of Britain.
268 Visigoths first appear, invaded the Roman Empire and swarmed over the Balkan peninsula, settled in Dacia, adopted Arianism
269 St Valentine, a Roman priest, was beheaded by Emperor Claudius II for secretly marrying Christians
306 Roman Constantine the Great, was declared King of the Britons at York after his father's death, and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by his troos on July 25th. Constantine leaves Britain to perform his Emperor duties, Octavius, then Duke of the Gewissei tribe of Celts at Caernarfon takes over.
Constantine sends Trahern who is deafeated at Winchester but wins at Westmorland. Octavius flees, Trahern takes the Britain crown. Octavius gains Norway's King Gunbert's help, kills Trahern near London, takes back the crown, marries his daughter, Elen, to Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus, called a Spanish Celt, half Roman and half Briton. Maximus takes over Britain after Octavius retires.
311 Emperor Galerius recognized Christians in the Roman Empire, Apr 30?
312 Constantine reunites eastern and western Rome
312 Battle of Mulvian Bridge: Constantine against Maxentius, Constantine had his vision of the cross and supported Christianity there after. Oct 27, 28
313 Constantine issues Edict of Milan legalizing Christianity, establishing Sunday as the day of worship.
320 First Gupta dynasty in India
330 Constantine becomes Emperor of Rome and builds new capitol Constantinople at Byzantium
337 Constantine becomes Christian on his deathbed
325 Council of Nicaea defines orthodox Christian doctrine
336 The first recorded celebration of Christmas
350 Pict and Irish Scoti raids were common, bypassing Hadrian's wall through the sea.
Military roads allow penetration to the center of England.
Teutonic conquest of Gaul, cut Britain off from Romans, leaving Roman British to defend themselves from Saxon attacks from the south and east.
360 Huns (Mongols) invade Europe
367 Picts, Scots and Saxons raided Britain together
376 Visigoths, under Fritigern, fleeing the Huns took refuge in the Roman Empire under Valens, famine ruined everyone's plans, Roman army takes serious damage
382 New Roman emperor, Theodosius I, made peace with Visigoth King Fritigern
383 Magnus Maximus, becomes Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire until his death in 388, led revolt to dethrone Gratian as Emperor in the West, opened Wales recognition, now recognized hero to the Welsh as Macsen Wledig, celebrated in poetry and song in the "The Dream of Macsen Wledig", included in the Mabinogion.
388 Theodosius defeats, captures and executes Maximus. Dionotus, the brother of Caradocus, became king of the Britons
392 Theodosius rules Rome to 395, last emperor of united Rome
395 Rome divided, east ruled from Constantinople, west ruled from Rome
Visigoth King Fritigern dies, Alaric I takes throne
397 Gospel missionary St Ninian died, buried Whithorn, Galloway where he built church Candida Casa, White House
300's late Franks were established on the lower Rhine c/o Salians and Ripurians

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