1 AD End of the Tene Period
9 Rome tried to take Germany, Germanic warriors crushed Romans
Romans built wall called "the limes" south of the Danube against Germanic warriors
10 Great Celtic king Cunobelinus of the Trinovantes ruled south Britain from about 10 AD to 40 AD, possessing a mint and started extensive trade with Gaul.
29 John the Baptist was beheaded by King Herod, legend of Salome's request
30/33 Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judah, orders Jesus' death
Jesus died on hill of Golgotha, Jerusalem at the site of an abandoned quarry
c 30 St. John wrote the "Book of Revelations" and the "Apocalypse" on the Greek island of Patmos
33 Based on astrological calculations, if Christ died " the day after the first night with a full moon, after the vernal equinox"  and the day of a solar eclise, two Romanian astronomers determined he died Friday, April 3, 33, and rose Sunday, the 5th.
34 Missionary journeys of Paul (to 60 AD)
37 Tiberius dies, (inherited Rome from Augustus), replaced by Caligula
41 Caligula assassinated, replaced by Claudius
43 Roman Emperor Claudius sends Aulus Plautius and 40,000 men on Britain expedition, established bases in now Kent, founded settlement on the "Tamesis River" which would become London, took 40 years to settle. Romans legions at Chester and Caerwent against Picts and Celtic tribes. End of the Trinovantes Celts.
50's Buddhism introduced in China, beginning of Han dynasty in China
54 Claudius prohibited the existence of Druids, then poisoned, succeeded by Nero
59 Roman Suetonius Paulinus too over the British area, taking some of North Wales and massacring the Celts, their Druids, women and children upon landing at Anglesey.
61 Queen Boudicca (Boadicea) of the Iceni led revolt against brutal treatment by Romans, burning down London. She took poison rather than submit to Romans. When her husband died without heirs, the Romans took his estate.
64 Roman persecution of Christians begin by Nero
68 Nero commits suicide
70 Jews revolt against Rome, Jerusalem destroyed, the temple was burned
71 Roman Colosseum built in Rome (to 80 AD)
76/77 Julius Agricola finished the conquering of Wales, entered Scotland to the Tweed, but was recalled to Rome in 83 or 84. His son in law, Tacitus, wrote during this time.
79 The eruption of Mount Vesuvius, burying Pompeii and other Roman towns. 20,000 dead including Pliny the Elder Aug 24? Nov 1?
80 The Colosseum of Rome was built
84 Roman Agricola victory of Mons Graupius in present-day Scotland over Calgacus "the swordsman," carrying Roman arms farther west and north to what they Caledonia with a southern border built called Antonine Wall, thirty-seven mile long, connecting the Firths of Forth and Clyde. Caledonian resisted, Romans withdrew to Hadrian's Wall area
Romans built massive roads, London at the centre.
Romans control Mesopotamia, Balkans, Arabia
99 ish Gospels of St John, St Mark, St Matthew written
100's Celts began to celebrate Samhaim, Oct 31
The first dictionary was made in China
106 Roman Emperor Trajan took Dacia, now Hungary and Romania
117 Emperor Hadrian rules Rome (to 138 AD)
A great force of Picts pushed the Romans back to the short line between the Tyne and the Solway Firth.
122 Jews revolt under Bar Kokhba, final Diaspora (dispersion) of Jews begins
123 Emperor Hadrian built Hadrian's Wall from Solway Firth to Tyne river mouth, bringing peace until the 300's
161 Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius rules Rome (to 180)
Defends Rome from northern Germanic tribes and eastern Parthians
193 Roman Clodius Albinis declared himself governor of Britain

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