5000 BC Humans start killing each other, the world's population is 5 million
4000 BC Tuberculosis, skilled goldsmiths, circumcision and cheese existed
2772 BC Egypt started the 365 day calendar
2601 BC One of Egypt's pharoah's sons wrote the first "Being of sound body and mind" will.
2137 BC Earliest recorded eclipse. Two Chinese royal astronomers, Hsi and Ho, failed in their duties to predict the eclipse due to too much rice wine and were executed.
1850 BC Egyptian scribe Ahmes stated that pi = 256/81 app. 3.160
1700 BC Babylon's Code of Hammurabi included an "eye for an eye"
1600 BC Chocolate in Honduras!!!
650 BC China legalizes lady lovers, the first legalized prostitution
612 BC Famous Greek poetress Sappho wrote heavily of the virute and beauty of women, born in Lesbos, thus the name Lesbian?
467 BC Meteorites convince Greeks heavenly bodies were not divine beings after all
850's AD Coffee was found in Kaffa, Ethiopia, hence the name

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