to 7000 BC Mesolithic culture, the Natufian, followed by Upper Paleolithic era A-17
7000 Jericho had relationships with Syria and Anatolia A-17
5500 Widespread Neolithic pottery A-17
3200 Cannanites settle in Canaan, Semites occupy Palestine
3000 Early Bronze Age, Egyptian influences A-17
3000 Canaan has six states:
East of River Jordan: Gilread, Ammon, Edom., Moab
West of River Jordan: Judah, Israel
2400-2300 Egyptians led excursions into Canaan  A-41
2300 Canaanites developed a writing systems based on Egyptian hieroglyphics A-41
2100 People in Palestine communicated with Egypt
2000-1800 Amorites from Lebanon moved into Palestine, settling in 1850 on plains
2000 Abraham was born
1900 Hebrews and Israelites left Mesopotamia for Palestine, including Abraham
Other Israelites went to Egypt and were made slaves by Ramses II
1650-1500 Hurrians moved into Canaan
1479 Battle at Megiddo, King Thutmosis III conquered Palestine, Phoenicia and Syria
1420 Hebrew's exodus from Egypt (one proposed date)
1400 Late Bronze Age
1375 Egyptian control relaxed with Hebrew attacks from the east, Hittities from the north
1275-1299 Israelites (Israel league) stormed Palestine from Egypt delta and southern deserts A-42
1283 Ramses II treaty with Hattushilish of the Hittities, southern Palestine became part of the Egyptian Empire
1225 Joseph tribes settle at Goshen east of the Nile
1225 Moses led his people from slavery in Egypt to Canaan, stopping at the Oasis of Kedesh in Syria, crossing Sanai desert (1250?)
1200 Israelite Judges rule, mostly militaristic to 1020
1200's Canaan is divided into three areas:
Palestine, occupied by the tribes of Israelites
Aram, occupied by the Arameans
Phoenicia, occupied by the old Canaanites
Israelite Tribe of Reuben settle east of Jordan where the tribe of Gad lived
Israelite Tribe of Judah moved north to the south of the Dead Sea
Israelite Tribe of Joseph under Josua crossed the Jordan to Mtns of Ephraim
Tribes of Simeon and Levi lived in southern Palestine
Other Israelite tribes in Canaan were attacked by Merneptah of Egypt
1180 Philistines from the sea settle from Gaza to Mount Carmel and build Gaza, Gath, Ashkelton, Ashdod, Ekron
1125 Israelites victorious over Canaanites at Esdraelon Valley, Song of Deborah (Judges 5)
1100's Moabites and Midianites move into Canaan
1050 Philistines invade from the north, King Gath conquers Israel, Shiloh shrine destroyed, Ark taken as booty
1020 Samuel, the last of the judges is asked to assign a king by the Israelites, elects Saul as king, actually the military leader
Saul is victorious over Philistines at Michmash but loses at Gilboa and kills himself
Saul's son Ishbaal rules Mahanaim east of Jordon
David, the Philistine is King of Judah at Hebron
1000 David, the Philistine vassal becomes king
Conquered Jerusalem in 1004 and made it the capital and restored the Ark
Fought the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites.
Did not conquer Phoenicia but treatied with Hiram of Tyre, king of the Sidonians
961 David died, his son Solomon took over
Buildings, military, trade improved, built city walls and Solomon's Temple to God was rebuilt.
Allied to Egypt and Hiram of Phoenicia
922 Solomon died, his son Rehoboam takes over followed by immediate rebellion
Jeroboam I was King of Isreal in the north at Shechem
Rehoboam I was King of Judah in the south at Jerusalem
Civil war continues ref A-45
See Israel and Judah

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