1,600,000 BC First homo erectus found in Africa, the first to control fire
1,000,000 BC First settlements in Africa
450,000 BC First homo sapiens in Europe and Africa
200,000 BC First tools were used
60,000 BC First religion
11,000 BC First humans killing humans
10,000 BC First burials
9,000 BC First farming
5,500 BC First writings
3,500 BC First civilization in Mesopotamia
3,100 BC First Egyptian dynasty
3,000 BC First cocoa used in Bolivia
2,850 BC First last names used in China
2,750 BC First ink made in China or Egypt
2,601 BC First 'sound body and mind' will in Egypt
2,300 BC First empire created by Sargon I in Akkad
1,700 BC First written law codes in Babylon
1,600 BC First linear script
1,500 BC First seven day calendar
1,350 BC First recorded smallpox in Egypt
1,300 BC First books in China
1,200 BC First recorded human plaque
776 BC First Olympic Games
650 BC First legalized prostitution in China
264 BC First gladiator games
100's AD First dictionary in China
336 AD First recorded celebration of Christmas on Dec 25
751 AD First paper manufactured, Chinese prisoners in Samarkand

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