600 BC Persian kings (out of Elam?)
550 Cyrus the Great  ruled
559 Cyrus took Media
547 Cyrus took Anatolia
546 Cyrus took Lydia
538 Cyrus took Babylon
Cyrus founded the Persian Empire, the first Achaemenid empire, extending from Indus Valley to the Mediterranean, Caucasus to the Indian ocean
530 Cambyses, son of Cyrus conquered Egypt 525 A-53
521 Darius I, a Zoroastrian, ruled, extending its borders beyond Indus Valley, including Indian cities
A canal was dug from the Nile to the Red Sea
486 Xerxes ruled, defeated by the Greeks on the sea at Salamis 480 and on land at Plataea 479, plans to take Greece were abandoned
465 Artaxerxes ruled, attacked by Greece, signed treaty 446
The Empire of Persia began to decline
424 Xerxes II assassinated by his brother Sogdianus who was killed by brother Ochus oir Darius II
404 Artaxerxes II defeated his brother Cyrus II at Cunaxa near Babylon 401
400 Cyrus II died in battle, Egypt became independent
331 Darius III was killed when Alexander the Great conquered Persia
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