500 - Zen was founded by an Indian monk, Bodhidharma

500 - Cerdic, his father Elesa and his son Cynric "obtained" the kingdom of the West Saxons where Cerdic ruled for fifteen years.

501 - Domangart I MacFergus , son of Fergis Mor Mac becomes King of Scotland (Del Riata) when Fergis dies

507 - Comgall, son of Domangart controls De Riata at this death

507 - Visigoths lose Aquitaine to the Clovis I of the Franks, Alaric II killed

508 - Cerdic and Cynric slew British King Natanleod.

508 - The Franks, led by Clovis, took Paris, made it their capital

511 - Clovis I died, leaving Frankish kingdom to Orleans to Chlodomer, Paris to Childebert, Metz to Theuderic and Scissons to Clothar (Lothair). Meroviginan Dynasty would end with Lothair's son Dagobert.

Clovis' four sons defeated Kings Sigisbert and Godomar in Burgundy, Franks King Hermanfrid in Thuringian, taking his daughter Radegund. Clovis murdered his nephews with Childebert's help. Only Lothair survived and controlled all.

516 - In the Annales Cambriae, drawn up at St.David's in Wales around 960, Arthur is recorded as having been victorious at the Battle of Badon in 5l6 against the Saxons.

517 - Maelgwn Gwynedd Cadwallon, son of Cadwallon Lawhir Einion "Long hand", son of Einion Yrth Cunedda , son of Cunedda Wledig Edern The Impersonator (first King of Gwynedd) becomes fourth King of Gwynedd

519 - Cerdic and Cynric fought at Charford and assumed government and created at Wessex.

519 - Western and eastern Roman Catholic churches reconciled. (see 484)

527 - Cerdic and Cynric fought the Britons at Cerdic's-ley

530's - Pasgen's son,  Cyngen became King of Powys

530 - Cerdic and Cynric conquered Isle of Wight.

534 - Cerdic died, leaving Cynric in control.

537 - the most authentic of the early Arthurian references is the entry for 537 in the Annales that briefly refers to the Battle of Camlan in which Arthur and Medrawd were killed.

538 - Gabhran MacDomangart, son of Domangart becomes King of Dalriata after his brother, Comgall dies

540's - Morgan Pasgen became King of Powys

549 - Rhun Hir Maelgwn "The Tall", son of Maelgwn Gwynedd Cadwallon becomes King of Gwynedd

550's - Brochfael Ysgythrog of the Tusks became King of Powys

550 - West Saxons move to Bath and Gloucester

556 - Cynric and son Ceawlin fought Britons at Beranbury.

558 - Childebert died leaving Frankish kingdom to his brother, Chlothar/Lothair

558 - Brude, son of Rhun Hir of Gwynedd, was selected by the Picts as leader of the Picts, stops Gabhran's expansion of Dal Riata. Gabhran dies that year of unknown causes and his nephew, Conall MacComgall takes over.

560 - Cynric dies, Ceawlin took over Wessex, Ethelbert of Kent controls Northumbria

561 - Charibet inherited Kingdom of Paris when father Chlotar (Lothair) died, brothers were:
Gintham received Burgundy
Chilpec received Scissons
Sigebert received Metz.

Three new kingdoms were formed out of the feud of four sons:
Austrasia in the East, Metz was capital, mostly Teutonic
Neustria, Sciossons was capital, mostly Gallo-Romans
Burgundy with no ruler, joined Neustria

Prince of Neustria terminated Austria prince but barons preserved kingdom.

Charibet's Childebert  or Charibert (?) early wife, Ingoberg complained to her husband about his infatuation with two servants and was dismissed. She was the mother of Adelberg who married Ethelbert of Kent.

All united again under Lothair II's rule

563 - Columba (Celtic Columcille '"Dove of the Church" ) with small band of Irish monks landed on Iona Island off western coast of Scotland (welcomed by Conall MacComgall, ruler of Del Riata), built monastery starting the Celtic Christianity. Missionary saint inaugurated Aidan as king of the new territory of Dalriata (previously settled by men from Columba's own Ulster). Iona became the ecclesiastical head of the Celtic Church in the whole of Britain as well as a major political center

568 - Ceawlin and brother Cutha, West Saxons, fought King Ethelbert of Kent, the strongest, most popular and civilized kingdom, stretched their Saxon territory to the east.

568 - Lombards conquer Italy

568 - Aethelric, son of Ida becomes King of Bernicia

570 - Mohammed, founder of Islam and the Koran was born into the Quraysh tribe in Makkah

572 - Theodric, son of Ida, becomes King of Bernicia

574 - Columba returns to Ireland to save Bards from expellation, refuses to chop down sacred Druid oak trees. Bards stayed but had to give up old religions and positions.

574 - Aedan MacGabhran, son of Gabhran becomes King of Scotland when Conall MacComgall died. The sons of Conall disputed for lordship but Columba interceeded and crowned Aedan.

575 - The Irish high king, Aed MacAinmerech called a meeting to settle the authority of Dal Riata. It was determined Aedan had authority (could collect taxes, etc) but MacAinmerech held the position of overlord.

577 - West Saxon Ceawlin slew three Briton kings, Commail, Condida and Farinmail at Dyrham, taking Gloucester, Cirencester and Bath in the Battle of Dyrham which separated the Welsh Celts and the Celts in Devon and Cornwall.

579 - Frithuwald, son of Ida, becomes King of Bernicia

580 - Aethelbert I, son of Eormenic (Hengist, Oisc, Eonmenric) becomes King of Kent. First Saxon king to accept Christianity, produced coinage, established wealthy kingdom.

584 - Ceawlin and Cutha fought Britons at Fretherne, Cutha slain.

585 - Creoda of the Iclingas established the kingdom of Mercia

585 - Hussa, son of Ida becomes King of Bernicia

586 - Beli Rhun, son of Rhun Maelgwyn becomes King of Gwynedd

589 - Charibet's daughter Clothid and her cousin Basina lead revolt against abbess of Poiters where her sister, Berthefleda was a nun. Kings and Bishops of Gaul settled the dispute.

589 - Aethelric, son of Yffi becomes King of Deira

590 - Aedan battled the southern Picts, winning but losing two sons as predicted by Columba.

593 - Ceawlin and brother Cwichelm died, passing Wessex to Ceol, a nephew.

593 - Aethelfrith, son of Aethelric, becomes King of Bernicia

593 - Pybba, the son of Creoda becomes King of Mercia

596 - Pope Gregory I the Great commissoned the priory of a Roman monastery to go to Kent, Augustine went instead after a year wait.

597 - St Augustine from St Andrew in Rome arrives in Kent to convert them to the Roman Catholic church, arriving with 40 others, sent by Pope Gregory the Great, received warmly by Ethelbert who married Christian Merovingian King' daughter Bertha. Ethelbert insisted on open air meeting fearing they were magicians. He gave them an old church near Canterbury and accepted Christianity lightly.

599 - Iago Beli, son of Beli Rhun becomes King of Gwynedd

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