to 6000 BC Neolithic pottery near Zagros Mountains
6000 More Neolithic cultures in higher mountains and near Lake Urmia
5000 Agriculture along Caspian shore
4000 Chalcolithic period, unknown population used copper and made pottery at Susa, Iran
3000 Elamites occupy Iran, defeated and controlled by Sumerians and Akkadians
2500 Elamite dynasty of Awan began in Iran
2180 Elamite dynasty of Simash began in Iran
2000 Bronze Age
1770 King of Elam placed his son on the throne of Larsa whose brother Rimsin was displaced by Hammurabi
1150 Elamites from Elam plundered the temple of Akkad
1128 Nabuchadrazzer of Babylon conquered the Elamites A-52
1000 Dead were buried with bronze weapons and stone graves in the northwest A-17, then 52
835 Small principalities of Media were attacked by Assyrian kings and were under control of the Assyrians by 705
721 Merodach-Baladan of Babylon allied with Humbanigash of Elam against Sargon of Assyria, defeated him at Der
694 Elamite Hallushu took Sennacherib of Babylon's son as captive
600/2 Ashurbanipal King of Assyria completely destoyed Susa, ending the Kingdom of the Elamites
625 Cyaxares founded the Median empire
Allied with Babylon by his daughter in marriage to Nebuchadrazzer
612 Cyaxares and Nabopolasser, King of Babylonia destroyed Ninevah and conquered Assyrian land east of the Tigris, Urartu and eastern Iran A-53
550 Cyrus of Persia conquered all Medians and their land

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