Continued from Canaan
922 BC Rehoboam I was King of Judah in the south at Jerusalem
918 Shishak a high priest of Amon Egypt stormed Judah and robbed the temple in Jerusalem, devasted Edom, and much of north Israel, minimizing the civil war Israel had with Judah A-45
915 Rehoboam died, Jehoshaphat makes peace with Israel
900 Baasha relites the civil war with Judah but Asa of Judah allies with Ben Hadad of Damascus who tromps Baasha at Galilee
Jehoshaphat's son Jehoram ruled, then his son Ahaziah who was killed during Omri revolution
842 Dowager Queen Athaliah seizes throne
836 A son of Ahaziah grew up, retook throne with backing of a high priest, Athaliah is killed
700/1 Jehoash rules then his son Amaziah lost Judah to Israel
769 Azariah rules, head of the coalition against Assyria
Controls caravan traffic by ventures into Edom, Philistia and northern Arabia
Beaten by Tiglath-pileser III but escapes with little harm 738
Becomes an isolated leper, son rules as regent until 734
734 Ahaz rules, faces the coalition of Pekah Israel and Rezin of Amun against Assyria, refuses to join, Israel declares war on him
Against prophet Asiah's advice, Ahaz appeals to Tiglath-pileser III who lays Israel and Amun to ruin
715 Hezekiah rules, tries to revive days of David
701 Hezekiah with allies from Phoenicia, Philistia, Egypt face Sennacherib of Assyria, on one or more campaigns
Egypt under Shabaka fell at Eltegeh
Philistia fell
26 walled Judah cities destroyed
Hezekiah left shut up in Jerusalem like 'a bird in a cage'
King Lulu of Sidonians fled to Cyprus.
687 Manasseh and son Amon ruled as puppet leaders
Manasseh remembered for his combination of beliefs and child sacrifice
640/1 Josiah ruled, questioned his Assyrian beliefs around 648
627 Josiah moved to old Israel, annexed Samaria, Gilead, Galilee
622 Josiah started full campaign to reinstate Davidic beliefs
Forgotten law book (Deuteronomy) became law basis
609 Josiah killed at Megiddo against Necho II of Egypt who was headed to aid Assyria
Jehoahoz II was removed by Necho II, replaced by Jehoiakim who was loyal to Chaldean Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon after he took Necho, then rebelled when Nacho took Nebuchadrezzar 601
598 Nebuchadrezzar took Judah, Jehoiakim was killed
Jerusalem fell, captives taken to Babylon
Zedekiah was placed on the throne who allied with Egypt against Babylon, defied Babylon
588 Jan - Nebuchadrezzar laid waste to Jerusalem
587 July - Solomons temple destroyed, more captives taken to Babylon including Ezekial of the bible
Jews dispersed throughout Europe
The Kingdom of Judah was ended
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