10,000 BC Holocene Epoch, end of Ice Age, dead were buried
Human activity at Randaberg, Norway
Suggested earlier date for origin of Sphinx
Humans habitate in caves at the Caspian Sea
Humans found in caves in England, evidence of major gatherings at Star Carr, North Yorkshire, wheat was grown
Azilian people occupied Southern France and Northern Spain. The Azilian or Painted Pebble culture is also found in Spain France Switzerland Belgium and Scotland
Lapps occupied northern Europe and intermarried with the peoples in Norway Finland Sweden and Russia
Magdalenian culture flourished in France with their cave paintings
First stone structures at Jericho
Nez Perce (pierced nose) Indian people lived Washginton, Oregon areas
Smallpox outbreak in northeast Africa
Jomon people of Japan use pottery
Long Island becomes an island
Dogs are domesticated
Another major change in the earth's magnetic fields
Melting glaciers cause catastrophic flooding
9,500 BC People living in Brazil resembled those in the South Pacific
Baltic Sea is formed
9,000 BC End of the "Old Stone Age", Paleolithic Period
Beginning of the Neolithic Stone Age
Farming and animal domestication, cultivation of seeds
Caribou existed in CT
8,500 BC Bone discovered in Africa that appeared to have notches representing the prime numbers 11, 13, 17, and 19
Starr Carr, Yorkshire, Britain inhabited by Maglemosian peoples
8300 BC End of sub artic period in Europe
8,000 BC People covered Asia, north and south America
Settlements are established in Nevali Cori and Sagalassos Turkey, Akure Nigeria, Buskerud Norway, Ærø Denmark, Deepcar near Sheffield, England, Sand, Applecross, Wester Ross, Scotland, Çatalhöyük Anatolia.
One of the first settlements in Jericho, Jordan (Upper Palaeolithic Period)
Grinding tools used in San Luis Obispo
Nomadic hunters arrive in England
Pigs are domesticated in Japan
Sheep and goats domesticated in Iraq
The bow and arrow are used
Goods are exchanged
7,500 BC A domestic cat was buried on Cyprus (9500BC?)
Human settlements in Yosemite
7,000 BC Villages in Zagros Foothills, East Mesopotamia (Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic cultures)
Crops cultivated before the use of bronze
People in Washington state resembled Asians
Milking animals began
Another major change in the earth's magnetic fields
Neolithic period in Anatolia with pottery: textiles, figurines, private houses with wall paintings, wooden vessels
Mesolithic culture in Palestine, Jericho had relationships with Syria and Anatolia
6,500 BC The English Channel is formed
6,200 BC Irrigation in Mesopotamia started during a cool dry spell
6,100 BC The Storegga Slide, causing a megatsunami in the Norwegian Sea
6,000 BC People went from Asia Minor to the Island of Crete, unknown People occupied Cyprus, copper used.
The Indian Vedah contains a verse, Richa, that mentions the numerals of 12 (dwawash), 2 (treemi), and 300 (trishat).
Lead beads requiring temps of 1100 degrees were made
A new Y chromosome migrated from the Middle East to Europe
Neolithic cultures in Thessaly, Greece
First traces of habitation of the Svarthola cave in Norway
Rising sea levels form the Torres Strait, separating Australia from New Guinea
The cow is domesticated in the Middle East
First pottery in Mesopotamia
Baskets are made in Peru
Deciduous plants appear on Long island
5,600 BC Popcorn used in New Mexico
5,509 BC Sept 1 - day of creation of the world (according to the Byzantine Empire) and beginning of their calendar
5,500 BC First writings, end of "pre-historic" age
Mathematics in Egypt is based on the fractional system
Widespread Neolithic pottery in Palestine
5,600 BC The Black Sea floods with salt water (Noah's flood?)
5,400 BC Wine was made in Iran
Irrigation started in Mesopotamia
5,100 BC Temples built in Mesopotamis
5,000 BC "New Stone Age" Neolithic Period
Humans start killing each other, the world's population is 5 million
Central Europe and Mexican farming, Middle East irrigation.
Tigris Valley settlement in southern lower valley
The Sumeric writing Abaq (meaning dust, thusly writing in dust) included the general idea of an Algorithmic Unit of a computer
Bulgarian stone found in 2004 contains five different writing charaters

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