2000 BC 2300? Little is known about Phoenicians settled in Byblos on the east coast of the Med. They traded extensively and were skilled sea farers
1479 Conquered by Egypt's Thutmosis III
1411-1358 Amorites and Hittities defeated Egyptian princes in Phoenicia (1375?)
1350 Egypt retook Phoenicia
1300 Mycenaean culture at Ugarit
1200s Phoenician, occupied by old Canaanites flourishes under Aegean influence excepting Beirut under Hittities, Ugarit is permanently destroyed
1100 Sidon became the capital of the Sidonians, built by Abiba'al, father of Hiram
1000 Hiram I of Tyre ruled, allied to David of Palestine
Extended his territories to Byblos A-47
887 Ittobaal, a priest of Astarte, killed the king Pilles 888, founded new Phoenician dynasty to north Beirut and Cyprus
876 Jezebal, dtr of the King of Tyre is married to Ahab of Israel
842 Phoenicians are over taken by the Assyrians
814 King Pygmalion's sister, Elissa, fleeing Tyre founded Carthage
The language of Punic was a Phoenician dialect
774 Hiram II paid tribute to Tiglath-pileser II of Assyria
760 Some Phoenicians had moved to Italy by this time
701 Hezekiah of Judah with allies from Phoenicia, Philistia, Egypt face Sennacherib of Assyria, on one or more campaigns. Sidon and Tyre pay tribute to Assyria
600's Herodotus tells of Phoenicians successfully sailing around Africa A-40
677 Essarhaddon razes Sidon, builds his own city Kar-Essarhaddon in its place
671 Essarhaddon of Assyria sacks Thebes, makes Egypt to Thebes an Assyian territory including Phoenicia
627 Ashurbanipal of Assyria died, leaving Phoenicia independent
586 King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon rules
573 Tyre surrendered to Nebuchrezzar of Babylon
539 Cyrus of Persia takes Babylon, Assyria, thusly Phoenicia
538 Divided into four kingdoms: Sidon, Tyre, Arvad, Byblos, all under the lordship of Persia
480 Hamilcar was defeated by Gelo of Syracuse in Carthage who gained control of the western Med and Straits of Gilbraltar
409 Hannibul, grandson of Hamilcar, stormed Selinus making Sicily part of Carthage, but wars continued
332 Alexander the Great took control of Phoenicia with no resistance from all but Tyre
Tyre's last king Azemilkos refused entrance
Macedonians attacked from Jan to July or August
The siege is famous for the horrific treatment of Macedonian prisoners as well as Alexander's revenge
8,000 slain, 30,000 sold for slaves
See Alexander
286 Controlled by the Ptolemies of Egypt
268 First Punic War, Carthage against Rome
197 Phoenicia controlled by Syria and the Seleucids, increasingly Hellenized
146 Third Punic War, Carthage destroyed
122 Carthage went to Roman Rule
82 King of Armenia, Tigranes I ruled the Seleucids thusly Phoenicia
64 Pompey organized Syria and Phoenicia as a Roman provence

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