4000 bef Neolithic era around the Nile
3000's Predynastic culture with African and Asian influences
3400 Hieroglyphics used in Egypt
3200 Egypt was divided into two distinct areas.
Lower Egypt included the cities of Tanis, Bubastis the house of Bast, Bursiris the house of Orises, Sais, On and Memphis
Upper Egypt included the cities of Heracleopolis, Siut, Abdos, Thebes, Jeb, Philae.
3100 Earliest known Egyptian hieroglyphs
3000 Beginning of historical period
2850 King Menes (Na'rmer) of upper Egypt (in Nekhan) united lower and upper Egypt, capital in Memphis
Dynasty I & II A-37 (3000?) First pharaoh.
2772 Egypt started the 365 day calendar
2615 Dynasty III, capital Memphis under King Zoser who built the Step Pyramid of Sakkara at Saggurah  with architect Imhotep (2630-2611?)
2601 One of Egypt's pharoah's sons wrote the first "Being of sound body and mind" will.
2565 Dynasty IV under King Snerfru who built the pyramid of Medum, developed navigation, fought Nubians and Libyans
Palermo stone was written
2440 Dynasty V under Cheops who started the grand pyramid at Giza
2315 Dynasty VI under Chephren
2175 Dynasty VII & VIII
2160 Dynasty IX  & X under Unis, their art reached its peak
2133 Dynasty XI at Thebes
1991 Dynasty XII at Lisht under Amenemhet I
Beginning of literature era
Cats were domesticated to catch snakes. Picture of men doing housework!
1887-1849 Sesostris III conquered Nubia, tried for Palestine
1850 Egyptian scribe Ahmes stated that pi = 256/81 app. 3.160
1785 Dynasty XIII at Thebes, Dynasty XIV at Xois
1678 Dynasty XV ruled by the Hyksos Chian at Avaris, who horses brought into Egypt
1600 Dynasty XVI I Egyptians fought against Hyksos
1500's Kush established south of Egypt
1570 Dynasty XVIII at Thebes under Amosis then son Ameonphis I.  They drove out Hyksos
1570 Egyptian pharaohs started using Valley of the Kings
1557 Amenophis I and Thutmosis I fought Palestine, regained Nubia, captured Syria except for the Hittities cities, reached Euphrates
1516 Thutmosis III born. One of his concubines was Isis
1512 Thutmosis II ruled with half sister and wife Queen Hatshepsut
1503 Thutmosis III married Queen Hatshepsut (d 1480)
1469/71 Battle at Megiddo
King Thutmosis III pillaged Mitanni (1471), conquered Nubia, Palestine, Phoenicia and all of Syria, Kadesh (1462) Mitanni's were in Carchemish and Aleppo but not over taken.
1424 Amenophis III kept the peace with Mitanni by marrying the daughter of Mitanni kings Sudarna and Tuishrata
1300's mid Revolution in Palestine and Phoenicia
Hittities took part of Egypt into Syria
1375ish Amorites and Hittities ended all Egyptian rule in Syria, Phoenicia
1367 Amenhotep  (Amenophis IV) IV brought major reform, changes with gods and citites
1361 With no heirs, Egypt was controlled by Amenophis IV's two sons in law, Smenkuhare and Tutankhamun who died at age 17, buried in the Valley of the Kings in Thebes
1351 Ay, an offical of the court ruled briefly, replaced by the general Haremhab
1347 Haremhab restores power to the priest of Amun
1345 King Tut was born, became Pharaoh 1345, with Aye as regent, Tut died 1325 at age 19
1319 Dynasty XIX at Memphis with Ramses I, Sethos, Ramses II, Merneptah. Egypt retakes Palestine, Kadesh, Syria
1298 Battle of Kadesh 1294, Egypt at war with the Hittities, who catch smallpox from the Egyptians
Ramses builds extensively (Ramsees Exodus 1:11)
1283 Ramses II treaty with Hattushilish of the Hittities, south Southern Palestine became part of the Egyptian Empire, divided Syria between themselves A-42
1237 Ramses II dies, leaving Egypt to his son Merenpath
1225 - 1215 Moses led his people from slavery in Egypt to Canaan, stopping at the Oasis of Kedesh in Syria, crossing Sanai desert (1250?)
1221 Egypt: attacked by the Aegean "sea people" from Homeric wars at Troy
1190 Dynasty XX, capital at Thebes under Ramses III, IV - XI
1190 Egypt attacked by Danes, Philistines and other Sea People
1156 - 1065 Ramses IV - XII were unable to control high priests of Amon
Hrihor high priest in Karnak ruled Thebes
1065 Dynasty XXI at Tanis and Thebes, high priests of Amon fight for power
935 Dynasty XXII under Shoshenk, Libyan chief founded Libyan dynasty at Bubastis
Amon priests in Thebes founded independent Nubian kingdom at Napata
Libyan princes became Amon priests of Amon at Thebes
918 Shisank, a high priest of Amon stormed Palestine and robbed the temple in Jerusalem, devasted Edom and north Israel
(Shishak, 1 Kings 11:40, 14:25) A-44
854 Other pharaohs joined Palestinian allies to fight Shalmaneser III at Qarqar
759- 709 Dynasty XXIII  to XXIV included anarchy and civil war
715 Dynasty XXV in Napata by Shabaka who defeated Taharka and conquered Egypt, became Ethiopia
(Tirhakah, 2 Kings 19:9)
701 Hezekiah of Judah with allies from Phoenicia, Philistia, Egypt face Sennacherib of Assyria, on one or more campaigns
Egypt under Shabaka fell at Eltegeh
690 Nubian pharoah Taharka takes over Egypt and Nubian states
671 Essarhaddon of Assyria took Memphis
667 Ashurbanipal of Assyria trips into Egypt, sacking Thebes on the second in 663
663 Dynasty XXVI, capital Sais under Necho I, governor of Sais
Kushites driven out of Egypt and back to Sudan
650ish Psamtik became master of Egypt with help from Gyges, King of Lydia, Assyrians driven out of Egypt
609 Necho on his way to aid Assyria and met Josiah of Judah who was killed, Judah conquered, Necho delayed from Assyria
605 Necho crushed by Chaldean Nebuchrezzar of Babylon at Carchemish and driven from Syria-Palestine
Necho failed to build the canal connecting the Red Sea and the Nile
525 Dynasty XXVII, Cambyses defeated Psamtik III at Pelusim, Egypt now under Persian rule A-40
404 Dynasty XXVIII to XXX, misc leaders, Persia thawrted
343 - 332 Egypt under Persian rule
332 Alexander the Great ruled Egypt
See Alexander
323 Egypt controlled by the Ptolemies of Egypt

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