356 BC Alexander III the Great was born in Macedonia  A-79
Philip of Macedon assassinated after taking Greek states, replaced by son Alexander.
Philip considered himself direct descendent of Greeks.
336 Alexander King of Macedonia, succeeding Philip II
Alexander takes Thebes, destroys it and takes occupants as slaves
335 Athens, Arcadia, Elis and Aetolia submit to Alexander
334 Spring: Alexander leaves Anitpater in charge in Greece
Takes 32,000 infantry, 5000 calvary, 160 ships towards Greece, defeats Memmon at Granicus
333 Battle of Issus: Alex defeats Darius III who offers treaty that was refused
Phoenicia submitted to Alex
After seven months seige, Tyre submitted
332 Alexander conquered  Egypt without reistance and built Alexandria
331 Oct 1: Alexander defeats Persia at Gaugamela, seized treasures at Arbela
Babylonia and Susa surrendered
Persepolis resisted and was burnt and raided
Sparta resisted with Persian aid was crushed by Antipater
330 Spring: Alexander persues Daruis to Media where Darius is killed by Bessus
Alexander subues Caspian area
329 Alexander takes Iran
328 Alexander adopted Persian dress and when reproached by friend Cleitus, Alex killed him in a drunken fury
327 Alex was invited to India by Taxiles to help fight Porus
326 Battle of Hydaspes Alex defeats Porus
324 Returns to Susa, Persia, Alex and his men marrying local women.
Alexander married Roxanna.
323 Alexander died June 13 at Babylon
Officers wanted Alex's unborn son Alexander IV to be king
Locals wanted Philip III, the son of Philip II
Joint rule was established
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