Continued from Canaan
922 BC Jeroboam I was King of Isreal in the north at Shechem
918 Shishak of Egypt devasted Edom, Judah and much of north Israel, minimizing the civil war Israel had with Judah A-44
900 Jeroboam tried to sever the ties of the north Israelites to Jerusalem, considered a grave sin. He died in 900, his son Nadab was murdered by Baasha (at birth?) A-44
900 Baasha relites the civil war with Judah but Asa of Judah allies with Ben Hadad of Damascus who tromps Baasha at Galilee A-44
Baasha's son Elah killed by Zimri who was burned in his palace by Omri A-44
887/876 Omri takes over at Samaria, marries his son Ahab to Jezebel, dtr of the king of Tyre in Phoenicia, reconquers Moab A-44
869 Ahab fights Ben-Hadad of  Demascus but joined forces to fight Shalmaneser III of Assyria A-44
854 Battle of Qarqar, Ahab and Ben-Hadad end Shalmaneser's advance A-44
Ahab is killed in later battles against Ben-Hadad
Elijah the Prophet brought down the Omri dynasty with religious revolution
842 Jehu, a soldier, killed the last Omri ruler, Joram
800/3 Ally Hazael of Damascus has been taken by Assyria, weak Jehu pays tribute to them
Damascus recovers, takes control of Israel and Judah, Philistia
700/1 Joash recovers territories waging against Ben-Hadad II
Takes Judah from Amaziah
Overlord of Damascus and Hamath
Zechariah is the last of the dynasty killed by Shallum
748 Shallum ruled, killed by Menahem who pays tribute to Tiglath-pileser III of Assyria
734 Pekah of Israel and Rezin of Arum, Damascus enter  a coalition against Assyria and do some damage to Tiglath-pileser III's lands.
Ahaz of Judah refused to help, Israel declares war on Judah, Ahaz asks Assyria for help
732 Tiglath-pileser III of Assyria destroys Damascus and Israel
Israel and Arum become Assyrian provinces
Hoshea appointed king in Samaria by Assyrains
725 Hoshea rebelled, hoping for help from Egyptian Pharaoh but was captured by Assyrians
722 Samaria fell after a three year seige to Assyria
Sargon II took 27,290 Israelites captive
705 Kingdom of Israel ceased to exist, ten tribes were exiled.
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