1000's BC The Iron Age, beginning of the Hallstatt Period
1000's Anatolia Kingdom of Phrygians created as they came from Thrace
1000's China
1000's Egypt Kush became independent
1000's England Druids started to celebrate their Samhain and other holidays (800's?)
1000's Europe Celts occupied W Europe north of Alps, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany
1000's Europe Teutons (West Germans) displaced Celts from the Elbe and Rhine
1000's India North India valley controlled by Aryans who developed Sanskrit
1000's Phoenicia Hiram I of Tyre ruled
1000's Rome Latin settlers move from Latium to Palatine Hill
1000's Syria Becomes an important trading center run by Arameans
1000's Anatolia Greeks had been migrating to Anatolia
1000's Greece Greeks migrated to Cyprus where Phoenicians were settled
1000's Palestine Samaritans broke away from Judiasm
1078 Mesopotamia Upper Mespotamia and Assyria over run by Armaeans and Chaldeans
1065 Egypt Dynasty XXI at Tanis and Thebes, high priests of Amon fight for power
1050 Palestine Philistines invade from the north, King Gath conquers Israel
Shiloh shrine destroyed, Ark taken as booty
1020 Palestine Samuel, the last of the judges is asked to assign a king by the Israelites
Elects Saul as king, actually the military leader
Saul loses at Gilboa and kills himself
Saul's son Ishbaal rules Mahanaim east of Jordon
David, the Philistine is King of Judah at Hebron
1000 Palestine David, the Philistine vassal becomes king (1006)
Conquered Jerusalem and made it the capital and restored the Ark
900's Peanuts eaten in Brazil and Peru
900's Egypt Queen of Sheba lived, ruling from Yemen, Ethiopia
900's Greece Monarchies were replaced by aristocracies except in Sparta
900's Palestine Hebrew elders begin to write the Old Testement
900's Rome Etruscans control Rome to the Po Valley, language is similar to Hungarians
900's Spain Phoenicians colonize Spain with settlement at Cadiz
970 Syria Aramean Dynasty started by Rezon in Damascus
961 Palestine David died, his son Solomon took over (965?)
Builds city walls and Solomon's Temple
Solomon's son by Queen Makeda (the Queen of Sheba), Menelik I, became the first Emperor of Ethiopia, legend says he took the Ark to the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Aksum/Axum, Ethiopia.
935 Egypt Dynasty XXII under Shoshenk, Libyan chief founded Libyan dynasty at Bubastis
High priest of Amon in Thebes founded independent Nubian kingdom at Napata
Libyan princes became priests of Amon at Thebes (850?)
922/5 Palestine Solomon died, his son Rehoboam takes over followed by immediate rebellion
Jeroboam I was King of Isreal in the north at Shechem
Rehoboam I was King of Judah in the south at Jerusalem
Civil war continues
918 Palestine Shisank, a high priest of Amon stormed Palestine and robbed the temple in Jerusalem, devasted Edom and north Israel
900 Babylon and Assyria at war

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