1500's BC Iron was first used
1500's Seven day calendar was used
1500's Mayans used rubber
1500's Africa Sahara is now completely desert lands occupied by the Berbers from the north African coasts
1500's Asia Became Hindu-Kush and formed areas in Medes and Persia
1500's Egypt Kush established south of Egypt
1500's Greece Mycenaeans took control of Minoa
1500's India Indus Valley civilization destroyed (1550)
India and Iran were occupied by fair skinned Aryans from Mesopotamia
1500's Italy Massive volcanic explosions and floods
1500's Syria Syria was captured by Egyptians except for the Hittiti cities (1580)
1570 Egypt Dynasty XVIII at Thebes under Amosis then son Ameonphis I.  They drove out Hyksos
1570 Egypt Egyptian pharaohs started using Valley of the Kings
1557 Egypt Amenophis I and Thutmosis I fought Palestine, regained Nubia (1504), captured Syria
1536 Mesopotamia Assuruballit of Akkad pillaged and ended Mitanni and built Assyria
1531 Mesopotamia Kassites conquered Babylonia after a Hittiti raid that brought horses.   
1512 Egypt Thutmosis II ruled with half sister and wife Queen Hatshepsut
1502 Egypt Thutmosis III married Queen Hatshepsut
1500 Mesopotamia Hurrians invaded Mesopotamia, Syria, eastern Anatolia, Palestine
They had unknown language and Aryan names, chariots
Hurrians built the Mitanni kingdom
1400's Hittities get iron from ore but their territory declined (1430)
1400's Mexico Aztecs are told by the hummingbird god to build a city where an eagle is eating a snake on a cactus (Mexico City)
1400's Syria Damascus is under Egyptian rule
1479 Phoenicians Conquered by Egypt's Thutmosis III
1469 Israel Battle at Megiddo
King Thutmosis III pillaged Mitanni, conquered Nubia, Palestine, Phoenicia and all of Syria, Kadesh
1450 Anatolia Hittitie Dynasty began, threatend by Mitannis and Kashka
1450 Greece Crete Minoan palaces in Knossos were destroyed, replaced with Mycenaean civilization
1438 China Water clocks built in China
1430 Mesopotamia Mitanni territory grew to Anatolia
1420 Palestine Hebrew's exodus from Egypt (one proposed date)
1411-1358 Phoenicians Amorites and Hittities defeated Egyptian princes in Phoenicia
1300's China Introduced books
1300's Greece The Minoa palace in Crete is burned by Greece
Aracadians settled along with other tribes
1380 Anatolia Shubbiliuliu, the greatest Hittitii king took Anatolia, subjected Syria, reduced Mitanni
1300/4 Mesopotamia
Migration of Akhlamus (Arameans)
1300/3 Phoenicia
Amorites and Hittities ended all Egyptian rule in Syria, Phoenicia
1393 Moses is born according to the Jewish calendar
1361 Egypt With no heirs, Egypt was controlled by Amenophis IV's two sons in law, Smenkuhare and Tutankhamun who died at age 17, buried in the Valley of the Kings in Thebes
1350 Phoenicians Egypt retook Phoenicia
1344 Beginning of Hittie empre
1300/1 Egypt Moses is born of Hebrew slaves at the end of the 1300's (see 1393)
1319 Egypt Dynasty XIX at Memphis with Ramses I, Sethos, Ramses II, Merneptah
Egypt retakes Palestine, Kadesh, Syria
1308 Mesopotamia Adadnirari of Assyria built temples at his capital Assur
1304 Egypt Hebrews are enslaved in Egypt
1200's Abraham bought land and a cave from the Ephron the Hittite in which to bury his wife, Sarah
1200's Sacrificial hymns used
1200's First recorded human plague
1200's Earthquakes topple Troy, Jericho, Knossos, Jerusalem (1225-1175 )
1200's Anatolia Hittitie kingdom came to an end as Aegean people invade, leaving the Homeric wars
Cimmerians invade, driven from their homeland in Russia by Scythians
1200's Crete Troy is built, nine cities on to of each other, but destroyed in the mid 1200's
1200's Cyprus Settled by the Greeks
1200's Greece Arcadians had settled in Thessaly, Greece then invaded by Ionians, Boeotians & Dorians, went to Mycenae, sacked Troy with the Thessalians.
1200's India Invaded by unknown Aryans of the Iranian Plateau
1200's Mexico Olmec Indians settle on the east coast
1200's Palestine Canaan is divided into three areas:
Palestine, occupied by the tribes of Israelites
Aram, occupied by the Arameans
Phoenicia, occupied by the old Canaanites
1200's Phoenicia Beruit is controlled by Amorites, Ugarit is permanently destroyed
Syria Aranians migrate into Syria
1285 BC Canaan: The Battle of Kadesh in Syria on the Orontes River north of Canaan
1283 Palestine
Battle of Kadesh 1294, Ramses II treaty with Hattushilish of the Hittities, south Palestine became part of the Egyptian Empire, divided Syria between themselves
1200/2 Mespotamia Shalmaneser I fought Hurrians and Hittities
His son took Kassite Babylon, named the first King of Babylon
1200/2 Palestine Israelites (Israel league) stormed Palestine from Egypt delta and southern deserts
1270 Armenia Shalmaneser mentions Hurrians and Vannic in Armenia (Urartu)
1237 Egypt Ramses II dies, leaving Egypt to his son Merenpath
1225 Palestine Joseph tribes settle at Goshen east of the Nile
1225 Moses led his people from slavery in Egypt to Canaan, stopping at the Oasis of Kedesh in Syria, crossing Sanai desert (1225 - 1215?)
1221 Egypt Attacked by the Aegean "sea people" from Homeric wars at Troy
1200 Greece Dorians with iron weapons overan Crete and Greece, bringing the Iron Age and ending the Mycenaean civilization
1200 Palestine Israelite Judges rule, mostly militaristic to 1020
Macedonia Is under Greek influence
1100's Mesopotamia Babylonia is raided by Elamites 1176 but regained in 1130, then invaded by Aramean tribes
1100's Palestine Moabites and Midianites move into Canaan
Phoenician Phoenician alphabet developed, contains consonants only
1190 Egypt Dynasty XX, capital at Thebes under Ramses III, IV - XI
Attacked by Danes, Philistines and other Sea People
1184 Traditional date of the fall of Troy on April 24th
1180 Palestine Philistines from the sea build Gaza, Gath, Ashkelton, Ashdod, Ekron
1156 Egypt Ramses IV - XII ruled, were unable to control high priests of Amon
1125 Palestine Israelites victorious over Canaanites at Esdraelon Valley, Song of Deborah
1116 Mesopotamia Tiglath-pileser I of Assyria conquered in Anatolia, Arameans invading Syria, Babylon which basically collapses

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