600's BC Europe Merchants from Phocis in central Greece made a treaty with Keltoi in Spain, trading goods for the Keltoi's silver.
600's Italy Etruscans from advanced civilization in Italy took Latium, built Rome, occupy north and central Italy, develop gladiator games, arches, the study of animals to predict the future
600's Italy Greeks occupy southern Italy and Sicily, add to the Roman alphabet, mythology, religious concepts and the arts, later controlled by Samnites
600's Mesopotamia The Epic of Creation and the Epic of Gilamesh were written in Mesopotamia
600's Phoenicians sail around Africa
600's Olmec Aztec Indians disappear
600's Mayans channel water and increase their population and drank cocoa
600's Persian prophet Zarathustra founds Zoroastrianism: a cosmic struggle between good and evil
600's Aesop said: "We hang the petty thieves, but appoint the great ones to public office."
600's Nomadic Scythians introduce the Celts to trousers
690 Nubian pharoah Taharka takes over Egypt and Nubian states
689 Paletine Sennacherib took Sidon, devasted Judah, destroyed Babylon, but failed to take Jerusalem
671 Essarhaddon of Assyria sacks Thebes, makes Egypt to Thebes an Assyian territory including Phoenicia
668-661 Ashurbanipal of Assyria trips into Egypt, sacking Thebes on the second but did not gain control. His empire would include Babylonia, Persia, Syria
663 Kushites driven out of Egypt and back to Sudan
660 Founding of Byzantium by Greeks
652 Psamtik became master of Egypt with help from Gyges, King of Lydia
651 Egypt Assyrians driven out of Egypt
650 China China legalizes lady lovers, the first legalized prostitution
648 Mesopotamia Assyrian king Assurbanipal, son of Sennacherib, destroys just rebuilt Babylon
642 Egypt Arabs establish a military settlement in Egypt (Cairo)
640 Greece Building of the Acropolis in Athens
Spartan government becomes militaristic
626 Time of the last biblical prophet, Jeremiah
625 Syria Damascus under Babylonian rule
Greece First Greek philosopher and scientist Thales born in Miletus, Anatolia, Turkey
616 Italy Tarquinius Priscus became the first Etruscan to rule Rome
612 Greece Sappho, famous Greek poetress born in Lesbos (became word Lesbian?)
Mesopotamia Nabopolasser, King of Babylonia and Cyaxares of Media (Chaldeans) destroyed Ninevah, divided the Assyrian empire
Phoenicia Phoenicians are independent again , later controlled by Persia
609 Palestine Pharoah Necho conquered Josiah and Judah, failed to build the canal connecting the Red Sea and the Nile, pushed out of Asia by Nebuchrezzar of Babylon at Carchemish
605 Nebuchrezzar of Babylon defeated Egyptian Necho, Judah became Babylonian. Nebuchrezzar took Palestine but not Tyre, Assyria ceased to exist
604 China Lao-tse, Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism born
500's Europe The Le Tene Celtic culture developed in eastern France and southern Germany, developing into the Celtic style
586 Palestine Zedekiah and others defied Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar who sacked Jerusalem, destroyed Solomon's temple and ended the Kingdom of Judah
Ezekial of the bible taken to Babylon as captive
Jews dispersed throughout Europe
586 Phoenicia Phoenicia was ruled by Nebuchrezzar of Babylon, independent under Ball and then Hirma II
585 May 25th or 28th. Thales had predicted an eclipse, and its appearance was so starting it stopped a battle between the kings of Lydia nd Media.
Greeks settled in Bulgaria on the Black Sea, followed by Turks, Romans, Byzantines
565 Cyprus Cyprus was controlled by Egypt
563 India Buddha aka Siddhartha Gautama was born in Napal, India April 8th
551 China Confucius ,Chinese philosopher, was born in Chufu, China
550 Persia Cyrus starts the Persian Empire
547 Anatolia Cyrus from Persia ended the Phrygain dynasty in Anatolia completely
538 Gobryas, a general under Cyrus, took Babylonia under Persian rule, who also takes Lybia, Egypt and India
538 Syria Damascus under Persian rule
538 Babylon Gobryas, Cyrus general, took Babylon under Persian rule
538 Phoenicia Divided into four kingdoms: Sidon, Type, Arwad, Byblos
530 Greece Pythagorus of the Pythagorean theorem founds the city of Croton, Greece
529 Persia Cyrus died, leaving his empire to his son, Cambyses
528 India Buddha discovered the Awakening or Four Great Truths
525 Egypt Dynasty XXVII, Cambyses defeated Psamtik III at Pelusim, Egypt now under Persian rule
Greece Temple of Hera, 1 of the 7 ancient Wonders built on Samos Island, Greece
Beginning of the Greek dramas and plays
525 India Persian empire takes Afghanistan, and defeated "the Armenians"
520 Palestine Rebuilding of Solomon's temple (finished Mar 10, 515)
517 India Darius of Persia takes the Indus Valley
509 Italy Romans drove out Etruscans from Rome. Last Estruscan king ruled Rome, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus.
Roman republic established with divided classes Patricians and Plebeians
504 Palestine Ekron, Philistine burns to the ground, Samuel of the bible's city
500 End of the Hallstatt Period, beginning of the Tene Period

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