800's BC Europe Celts  related to Gallic and Belge Celts migrated and have total control of Britian and Ireland
800's Celtic speaking people lived on the Iberian peninnsula of Spain and Portugal reaching to Belgium (Belgae) and to Gaul (Galli) in modern France. Their point of origin is believed to be in the Hartz Mountains in Germany.
887 Omri ruled, built new capital Samaria, Jezebel aids in the end of his dynasty
Phoenicia Ittobaal, a priest of Astarte, founded new Phoenician dynasty to norrt to Beirut and Cyprus
883 Assyria ruled by Ashur-nasir-pal II, Phoenicians paid him tribute
853 Syria Aleppo ruled by Hittities conquered by Shalmaneser III of Assyria
843 Jehu killed Israel and Judah princes and paid tribute to Egypt's Shalmaneser III
842 Phoenicia Phoenicians are over taken by the Assyrians
840 Assyrians have taken Turkey and Syria from the Hittities
814 Phoenicia Carthage was founded in Africa under Pygmalion by Tyrian colonists when a princess fled Tyre. The language of Punic was a Phoenician dialect
803 Palestine Assyrian king Hadad-Nirari conquers Palestine states and Philistines
700's Asia Scythians occupied lands from Siberia to the Black Sea. Those who roamed became Kazakstan, Siberians were known as the Saka.
England White Horse of Uffington, England (365' high) drawn on chalk hillside
Europe Great climate changes
Celtic Hallstatt Culture spread across Europe
India Brahmans emerged
Italy Chariots introduced by Etruscans
Earliest written music
Alpha beta gamma became 'a, b, c' as the Etruscans could not pronounce g
789 Nineveh, (Assyrian city Ninnua) was destroyed by the Medes and Babylonians
776 Greece First Olympic games, a revival of the legendary games in order to subdue civilian wars
753 Italy Legendary founding of Rome by Romulus. Palatine Hill near Tiber River called Latium in Latin, April 21
750ish Homer writes the Iliad and the Odessey
750's Celts from Switzerland shores attacked by Germans, flee to England bringing cattle enclosures, horse shields, well designed sickles and swords.
742 Biblical Isaiah's time
736 Greece First Messenian war
732 Syria Damascus under Assyrian rule
729 Mesopotamia Tiglath-pileser III of Assyria became King of Babylon, tributes from Israel, Syria, Damascus (732).
721/2 Palestine Assyrians (Sargon) destroyed Israel, the ten tribes are exiled, Judah survived and took in Israel refugees
717 Syria Carchemish ruled by Hittities conquered by Sargon of Assyria
716 Mespotamia Sargon II defeated the Mannae, ruled by Aza, son of Iranzu
714 Mespotamia Cimmarian Gimirri people helped Sargon II defeat the Uratu's, who turned around to help Sargon defeat the Cimmarians.
712 Egypt Dynasty XXV in Napata by Shabaka who conquered Egypt, became Ethiopia
Syria Assyrians took Hittitie capital Carchemish, ending Hittitie government forever
710 Mesopotamia Assyrian king Sargon II conquered Babylon, the Hitties, Chaldeans and Samaria
705 Palestine Kingdom of Israel ceases, Sargon exiles Israelites
705 Mesopotamia Sargon died in battle against the Cimmarians, son Sennacherib takes over
701 Palestine Assyrian king Sennacherib laid seige on Jerusalem

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