1600 - End of The Renaissance Period

1601 - Elizabethian Poor Law introduced, regulating vagrancy, parishes must provide for needy

1603 - Queen Elizabeth I died

1603 July 25 - James IV crowned James I, King of England in London

Sir Walter Raleigh was involved in plot to dethrone James for Arabella Stuart, imprisoned until 1616 where he wrote "The History of the World"

1604 - Hampton Court Conference, James presided, meeting with Bishops and Puritans. Church would not relax rules for Puritans, Jesuits banished.

1604 - James wanted to combine England and Scotland, idea met with disfavor, James declared King of England, France and Ireland.

Those who refused to go to church were punished.

1605 Nov 5 - Gunpowder plot: 36 barrels to blow up Parliament discovered through anonymous letter. Guy Hawkes arrested and executed Jan 31, 1606. Holiday celebrated with gun powder search re-enactment

1606 - London plague

1611 - Translation of the Bible completed, 47 ministers worked on it since 1604

1613 - Henry, Prince of Wales died

1614 - Second Parliament of James I, members include Thomas Wentworth of Yorkshire and Eliot

1617 - James summons Melville and imprisons him, restores Bishops in Scotland. Catholics and Protestants divide to Nationalists and Loyalists. James encouraged migration of Scots to Arcadia, now Nova Scotia.

1617 - Walter Raleigh released, sailed to Orenboco, Spain to look for gold, attacked and returned to England and executed.

1620 Sept 6 - The Mayflower left Plymouth, England with Captain Christopher Jones, landing 11 Nov 1620.

1621 - Third Parliament of James I

1621 - Impeachment of Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor since 1618, for receiving presents. He denied his partiality, fined and paid 40,000 and unable to hold office.

1623 - The Anne and the Little James left London, England arrived in Plymouth June or July of 1623, carrying many family members left behind from the Mayflower and The Fortune.

1624 - Marriage treaty between Prince Charles I and Henrietta Maria, sister of Louis XIII of France

1625 - James VI dies, leaving crown to Scot Charles I, devout Episcopalian. The Act of Revocation

restored lands and tithes to church

1626 - War against France, Buckingham to Rochelle

1628 - Petition of Rights passed.

Felton assassinates Buckingham

1638  June- The Dilligent left Ipswich, Suffolk, England, arriving in Boston August 10, 1638.

1649 - Charles II became King of Scotland

1674 - Tower of London renovated, two children's skeletons found, thought to be the murdered Edward V and his brother Richard from 1483

1685 - James VII became King of Scotland

1694 - William II became King of Scotland with Mary II as Queen 1689-1694

1702 - Anne became King of Scotland

1707 - Crown of Scotland merged with crown of England

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