100's South Germany occupied by West German Teutons
193 According to Livy, the Boii fought well but were defeated by the Romans along the Po River: 14,000 dead, 1092 captured alive with 721 horses, three chieftains, 212 standards and 63 wagons. A year later a Boii chieftain surrended to a Roman counsel, Titus Quinctius Flaminius who had him and his family ritually slaughtered as entertainment for his boyfriend.
191 Romans defeat Selecian King Antiochus III at Thermoplyae beginning Roman world domination
The battle of Magnesia was a major Roman victory against Galatian Celts in alliance with Greek Antiochus III of Syria.
189 Gnaus Manilus Volso was sent to Turkey to crush the Galatian Celts. Ortagion, a Tolistoboii chieftain reunited what was left of the three Celt tribes
179 Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus offered the Iberian Celts enlistment into the Roman army, not readily accepted
152 Numantia Celts almost destoyed an advancing Roman army, leading to a treaty in 151 which was broken the following year by a new Roman commander, Galba, whose brutality was criticized even in Rome.
149 Third Punic War to 146 - Rome destroys Carthage, killing 450,000, enslaving 50,000
148 The Celts under Viriathos revenged on Galba, forcing his surrender, but a traitor murdered Vitiathos in his sleep.
140 Rome takes Macedonia, Greece, Anatolia, Balearic Islands and southern France
Rome controls coasts of Spain and Africa
Venus de Milo era
136 The Roman Mancinus surrendered with 20,000 troops to the Celts at Pallantia
134 Publius Cornelius Scipio was sent to Numantia to finish off the Celts, surrounding the tribe and starving them by isolation. Rhetogenes led 400 to break the seige but were captured and paraded in front of the town with their right hands severed. The Celts finally surrended, 8,000 men women and children against 60,000 Romans. Numantia was burnt, Fifty Celtic leaders were taken to Rome for ceremonial sacrifice, the rest sold into slavery.
133 Roman ally King Attalus III of Pergamum (now Turkey) died, leaves kingdom to Rome
118 Romans expanded to Massilia, having defeated the Salyes Celts, as well as southern Gaul, Provence, Toulouse, and Narbon.
109 Romanian Celts and the Dacians made a treaty to try and stop the approaching Romans
100 Julius Caesar invades Britain
100 Chinese develop paper
88 Mithridates V 'The Great' of Pontus invited sixty major Celtic chieftains to dine and discuss. He relied on the Celtic tradition of no arms could be worn entering a feasting hall and slaughtered them all save one, Deiotarus, son of Dumnorix of the Tolistoboii.
80 Alexandria becomes Roman territory
75 Belgae Celts from between Seine and Rhine in France (Gaul) pressured from northern Germans and Romans from France and Mediterranean to leave homelands and invade SE Britain, creating sharp divide between themselves and residents. England remained non-Celtic and turned Roman, Wales and Scotland run by Celts
71 Spartacus leads slave revolts against Romans, Romans takes Seleucid empire, Spartacus slain in battle against Crassus
63 Roman general Pompey conquers Jerusalem
60 Pompey takes Turkey, Syria, Phoenicia, Palestine (date?) Senate refuses to recognize
Caesar, Pompey and Marcus Crassus form political alliance First Triumvirate
58 Crassus dies in battle, Rome tries to divide Caesar and Pompey
57 Caesar's first excursion to the British Isles failed due to boats damaged in storms and was met by Celts in chariots who fought him off
55 Caesar's second expedition, he stormed Belgic hill fort and defeated King Cassivellanus near Canterbury, crossed the Thames near London, obtained submission form southern chieftains and returned to Rome
54 Caesar's third excursion to the British Isles
53/52 Vercingetorix, Celtic chieftain of the Arverni, led the great Gallic revolt against the Romans to no avail
51 Senate fears Caesar, asks him to resign, he refuses
Ptolemy XI dies, leaving the Egyptian throne jointly to his children, Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra VII
Ptolemy expells Cleopatra from the throne
50 Caesar conquers Gaul and west of Rhine, crosses Rubicon to fight Pompey
40's Cleopatra had an elite Celtic warrior bodyguard
49 Caesar invades Italy and takes Gaul, defeats Pompey in civil war
48-47 Caeser persues Pompey to Alexandria
The Library of Alexandria ceases to exist, burnt by Caesar? (see 642 AD)
48 Ptolemy XII killed in battle, Caesar forces to restore Cleopatra to the Egyptian throne
45 Caesar sole Roman leader
44 Caesar murdered by Roman leaders wanting return of Roman Republic
43 Casesar's adopted son Octavian form second Triumvirate with Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus, defeated Caesar's enemies. Octavian and Antony fight for Rome, push Lepidus aside.
Antony asks for help from Cleopatra
31 Octavian, Caesar's nephew Mark Antony and Cleopatra at Battle of Actium
Mark Antony commits suicide
30 Egypt becomes Roman province
Octavian establishes Roman empire, takes role of the Emperor Augustus meaning "exhalted" preferred "first citizen" to "Emperor." Ruled to 14 AD
30 Cleopatra committed suicide August 12
27 Pantheon built first time under Agrippa
27 Imperator Caesar Octavianus aka Augustus established his Roman govt Jan 23
14 Tiberus Claudius Nero took over Rome at Augustus' death
6 Apr 17: Jupiter was in a rare alignment with the constellation Aries, marking an important date for the ancient astrologers. Possibly the birth year of Jesus
4 Herod the Great died, his funeral was attended by Celtic bodyguards
3 Many astrological events occur that might have been the star of Bethlehem
2 Jupiter and Venus were aligned together, making an extremely bright star, possibly the Star of Bethlehem?

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