200's BC Celtic war lords from France invaded Britain, resisted in South Britain, so turned north to Norfolk and Suffolk, Yorkshire, Lancaster and Scotland.
200's The Celts had reached their height in expansion, from Ireland to Turkey, Belgium to Spain and scross the Alps to Po valley. Celtic settlements have been found in Poland, Russia and the Ukraine.
298 The Etruscans and the Celts formed an alliance against the Romans, to be joined by the Sammites in a victory at Camerium (Cameria) NE of Rome where an entire legion was destroyed.
295 Battle of Sentium the Romans won against Sammites and a reported 1000 Celtic chariots
290 Rome conquered Samnites, mountain people south of Rome
Colossus of Rhodes, one of the ancient seven wonders of the world, was built to the sun god Helios
287 Roman Plebeian's won right to hold office and legal equality
285 Romans annihilated the Senone Celts at Lake Vadimo
284 In a continuing war, the Celts were victorious at Arretium (Arezzo) killing the Roman commander Lucius Caecilius.
283 The Romans led by Curius Dentatus burnt and pillaged the Senones Celts at Picenum. The northern Boii Celts joined the Etruscans to fight the Romans who annihilated the Etruscans and the Celts withdrew, only to form a treaty with the Romans the following year.
279 Celts plundered the shrine at Delphi and then retreated north to Thrace
Pharos light house at Alexandria was constructed, one of the seven wonders
277/276 4000 Celt warriors traveled to Egypt to serve the pharaoh Ptolemy II.
275 Rome conquers Greek colony of Tarentum in south Italy, now controls most of Italy
269 Roman coins were introduced
265 Rome took Italy and started on other countries
264 First Punic War to 241 - Rome and Carthage empire in Africa fight over control of Mediterranean. Celts fought for Carthage
Rome took Sicily which became first Roman Province, and islands of Corsica and Sardinia
First Roman gladiator games
261 Galatian Celts defeated the mighty Syrian army at Ephesus and killed the king, Antiochus I
259 Ptolemy II stopped a Celtic troop takeover, banishing the Celts to an island in the Nile where they starved to death
248 Kingdom of Parthia was founded by Arsaces I, ruled Persia area
241 The Battle of Aegusa in which the Roman fleet under Attalos I of Pergamum sank 50 Carthaginian ships and incorporated Sicily
225 Battle of Telamon - Boii and Insubres Celts with their professional warriors, the Gaesatae, commanders Aneroestes and Concolitanus along with 50,000 infantry and 20,000 cavalry stood against 700,00 Roman infantry and 70,000 Roman cavalry. The Celts lost in what is described as the most spectacular battle in Celtic history.
224 The Romans invaded and devastated Boii territory
223 The Romans took over Celtic Insubres territory, whose capital was Milan
222 The Celts asked for a peace treaty with the Romans. Gnaeus Cornelia Scipio and Marcus Claudius Marcellus refused, holding out for what they clearly wanted, an extermination of the Celts. The Celts recruited the Gaesatae whose reknown leader was Viridomarus challenged Marcellus to single handed combat to determine the outcome. He lost. The Romans took Po Valley in the end of the 'Celtic Wars'.
219 Second Punic Wars to 201
218 Cartgaginian king, Hannibal crosses Alps, reached Rome in 211. He had an half Celtic army when he approached Po Valley, resulting in a famous victory against the Romans in 216 at Cannae.
217 14,000 Celts now in Egypt were at the battle of Raphia with Ptolemy IV against Antiochis II of Syria, a victory because of the Celt cavalry.
215 Great wall of China built
203 Celts and Celtiberians successfully defend Carthage against Roman attack at Utica
202 Hannibal defeated by Scipio Africanus at Zama
200 Rome took Greece and Macedonia, posed as Macedonia's liberators but took all

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