Continued from Palestine
1947 UN proposes the establishment of Arab and Jewish states
1948 May 14 - End of British Mandate, State of Israel proclaimed
1948 May 15 - Israel invaded by five Arab states
1948 War of Independence (May 1948-July 1949) Israel Defense Forces (IDF) established. Jerusalem is divided
1949 Armistice agreements signed with Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon. Jerusalem divided under Israeli and Jordanian rule. First Knesset (parliament) elected
1956 Sinai Campaign
1962 Adolf Eichmann tried and executed in Israel for his part in the Holocaust.
1967 Six-Day War, Jerusalem reunited.
1968-70 Egypt's War of Attrition against Israel
1973 Yom Kippur War
1979 Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty signed.
1982 Israel's three-stage withdrawal from Sinai completed. Operation Peace for Galilee removes PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) terrorists from Lebanon.

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