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Edburga of Mercia
b abt 830 Mercia, England
Parents: a Wigmund Prince of Mercia
Spouse: Aethelred
Child: Ealhswith of Gaini m Alfred the Great
15 35

Cunedda Wledig Edern or Cunedda Lothian Gododdin
First King of Gwynedd
b abt 380, Wales or Scotland?
Parents: Edern Padarn (Line leads to Beli Mawr?)
Spouse: "Gwawl Verch Coel" King Coel Hen daughter
Child: Einion Yrth Cunedda m "Prawst Verch Tidlet"
Child: Ceredig or Cardigan, Ceredigion
Child: Meirion or Merioneth, Meirionnydd
35 52 125

Edgar "The Peaceable"
King of England 01 Oct 959 to 08 July 975
b 943 Wessex, England
crowned 11 May 973, Bath Abbey
d 08 Jul 975 Winchester, England
buried Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset, England
Findagrave 8140973
Parents: Edmund I The Magnificent m Elgiva
Spouse 1: an ^Ethelfleda the Fair m abt 961
Child: Eadgyth (Saint) Abbess of Barking
Child: ^Edward the Martyr, King of England 975 to 978 (murdered, see notes)
Spouse 2: Elfrida of Devon m abt 964
Child: Edmund
Child: Ethelred II the Unready m Aelfgifu
15 35 52 103 115

Edith (Swan Neck) Eadgyth Swanneschals (confusion with Ealdgyth?)
b abt
d aft
Spouse : Harold II King of England
Child: 6 children

Edmund I, "The Magnificent"
King of England 27 Oct 939 to 26 May 946
b 921 Wessex, England
crowned 29 Nov 939, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
d 26 May 946, Pucklechurch, Gloucester, England, murdered
buried Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset, England
Findagrave 16315611
Parents: Edward I "The Elder" m  Eadgifu
Spouse 1: Elgiva
Child: ^Edwy (Eadwig), King of England b 942
Child: Edgar The Peacable m Elfrida of Devon
Spouse 2: Athelfleda, daughter of Alfgar, ealdorman of Wiltshire, no issue.
15 35 52 103 115

Edmund II Ironside  
King of England 23 Apr 1016 to 30 Nov 1016 (7 months)
b 989, Wessex, England
d 30 Nov 1016, London, England, murdered by Henry Strion
Burial: Glastonbury Abbey
Findagrave 11670714
Parents: Ethelred II &m Aelfgifu
Spouse: Ealdgyth of Northumbria m Aug (?) 1015, Malmsbury, Wiltshire
Child: Edmund, died in exile by Cnut
Child: Edward Atheling m Agatha of Augsburg Princess of Hungary
15 35 52 103 115 122 123 125

Edmund Plantagenet 'Crouchback'
1st Earl of Lancaster, King of Sicily
b 16 Jan 1245 London, England
res Grosmont Castle, Monmouhtshire, Wales
d 05 Jun 1296 Bayonne, Bearn, France during seige in Bordeaux, aged 51
burial Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England
Findagrave 19130
Parents: Henry III King of England m Alianore de Provence
Spouse: Aveline de Forz m 08 Apr 1269 at Westminster Abbey, died aged 15
Spouse: Blanche d'Artois m bef 03 Feb 1276 in Paris
Child: Thomas, 2nd Earl of Lancaster, executed 1322
Child: Henry Plantagenet m Matilda de Chaworth
Child: John Lord of Beaufort
Child: Mary
37 41 125

Erik Edmundsson
King of Sweden
b abt 867
Parents: Edmund Eriksson
Spouse: unknown
Child: Bjorn Eriksson
52 103 115

Seisyllt Ednywain
b abt 938, Wales
Parents: "Ednowain from Wales"
Spouse: Prawst Verch Elsie
Child: Llewelyn Seisyllt m Angharad Verch Maredydd
15 52 107

Edward I "Longshanks" 20th great grandfather
King of England 1274 to 1307
b 17 Jun 1239 Palace of Westminster, Westminster, Middlesex, England
Crowned 19 Aug 1274, Westminster Abbey
d 07 Jul 1307 Burgh-On-The-Sands, Cumberland, England
buried Westminster Abbey, London, England
Findagrave 1955
Parents: Henry III King of England m Alianore de Provence
Spouse 1: Eleanor of Castile, daughter of Fernando III King of Castile
b abt 1244, Castile, d 24 Nov 1290 Lincolnshire, buried Westminster Abbey
married Oct 1254 in Las Huelgas, Burgos, Castile at age 10 to 15 year old Edward, 16 children
Child: Daughter, stillborn in May 1255 in Bordeaux, France
Child: Katherine, died 5 Sep 1264, buried at Westminster Abbey
Child: Eleanore b 17 Jun 1264, Windsor Castle, m1 Alfonso III of Aragon
Child: Joan, b 1265, d same year, buried Westminster
Child: John b 10 Jul 1266, Windsor Castlen d 03 Aug 1271, Westminster, 5 years old
Child: Henry b 13 Jul 1267, Windsor Castle, d 14 Oct 1274 Merton, Surrey, 7 years old
Child: Julian / Katherine b 1271 in Holy Land, d same year
Child: Joan of Acre m Gilbert de Clare
Child: Alfonso, Earl of Chester, b 24 Nov 1273, Bordeaux, France, d 19 Aug 1284, Windsor Castle, 11 years old
Child: Margaret b 11 Sep 1275 Windsor Castle, d 1318 Brussles, m John II, Duke of Brabant
Child: Berengaria b 1276 Kennington, d abt 1279, 3 years old
Child: Mary b 11 Mar 1278 Windsor Castle, d bef 08 Jul 1332, nun at Amesbury
Child: Lady Elizabeth Plantagenet m John I, Count of Holland Humphrey de Bohun
Child: Edward II King of England 1307 to 1327 m Isabella of France  (Roger de Mortimer's lover)
Child: Beatrice, b abt 1286, Aquitane
Child: Blanche, b 1290, d 1290
Spouse 2: Marguerite of France married 10 Sep 1299 at Canterbury Cathedral He was 60, she was 19
Child: Edmund of Woodstock m Lady Margaret Wake
Child: Eleanor, died young
Child: Thomas of Brotherton Findagrave 75270509 m Alice Hales/Hayles
Spouse: unknown mistress
Child: John de Botetourt m Maud Fitzotho (FitzThomas) John is disputed
15 50 51 52 125

Edward I "The Elder" 22G Grandfather
King of England (West Saxons) 899-924
b 871 or 872 Wessex, England
crowned 31 May 900, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
d 17 Jul 924 Farrdon on Dee, Farrington, Berkshire, England
Burial: Hyde Abbey, Hyde, Hampshire, England
Findagrave 22392
Parents: Alfred the Great & Ealhswith of Gaini
Spouse 1: Egwina (Ecgwyn) m abt 893
Child: Athelstan Duke of East Anglia, King of England 924-939
Child: Daughter
Spouse 2: Elfleda (Alfflaed)
Child: Aedgifu m Charles III The Simple
Child: Eadgyth m Otto I Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
Child: Edgiva
Child: ^Edhilda m Hugh I Magnus
Child: Edith Princess of England  (Editha of Polesworth Abbey?)
Child: Edwin
Child: Elfgifu Princess of England
Child: Elfleda
Child: ^Elgiva m Ebles II de Poitou
Child: Ethelhilda
Child: Ethelstan, King of England 934 to 939
Child: Ethelwerd, King of England for a few weeks
Spouse 3: Eadgifu m abt 905 (Edgiva)
Child: Edmund I The Magnificent m Elgiva  
Child: Saint Edburh of Winchester
Child: Edgiva
Child: Edred Succeeded to the throne of his brother, Athelstan to 955
Child: A dtr Emma/Adiva m Boleslav II ?
15 35 52 104 108 110 113 115 125 S1

Edward II Edward II King of England 21G Grandfather
b 25 Apr 1284 Caernarfon Castle, Caernarfon, Wales
d 21 Sep 1327 Berkeley Castle, Glouchester, England, murdered
burial Gloucester Cathedral
Findagrave 1956
Parents: Edward I m Eleanor of Castile
Spouse: Isabella of France - nasty woman
Child: Edward III King of England m Phillipa de Hainaut
37 117 125

Edward III King of England 20G Grandfather
b 13 Nov 1312 Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
crowned 1327
d 21 Jun 1377 Sheen Palace, Surrey, aged 64 from a stroke
burial Westminster Abbey
Findagrave 1957
Parents: Edward II King of England m Isabella of France
Spouse: Phillipa de Hainaut m 24 Jan 1328 York Minster, York, England
Child: Joan of England
Child: Edward of Woodstock m Joan of Kent
Child: Isabella of England m Enguerrand de Coucy
Child: Joan of England, died of the plague aged 13
Child: William of Hatfield, died in infancy
Child: Lionel of Antwerp m Elizabeth de Burgh
Child: John of Gaunt
Child: Edmund Langley m Isabella de Castilla
Child: Blanche le da Tour Plantagenet, died in infancy
Child: Mary of England m Jean IV de Montfort
Child: Margaret of England m John Hastings son of Laurence
Child: Thomas of England, died in infancy
Child: William of Windsor, died in infancy
Child: Thomas of Woodstock m Lady Eleanore de Bohun
Spouse: Alice de Perrers
Child: Joan ?
Child: Nicholas Lytlington, Abbott of Westminster
Child: Sir John de Southeray
15 37 41 117 125

Edward Atheling "The Exiled King"
King of England from exile
b 1016, Wessex, England
d Feb 1057, London, London, England
Buried St Paul's Cathedral
Parents: Edmund II Ironside m Ealdgyth of Northumbria
Spouse:  Agatha of Augsburg Princess of Hungary
Child: Edgar Atherling, King of England, the lost king
Child: Christina, nun at Romsey
Child: Matilda of England m Guigo VII Count Albon
Child: Margaret of Scotland m Malcolm III
15 35 52 103 110 113 122 125

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