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Alianore de Provence (Berenger)
b abt 1217-1223 Aix-En-Provence, Provence
d 24/25 Jun 1291, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England
buried Convent Church, Amesbury 
Findagrave 8323576
Parents: Raymond Berenger m Beatrice de Savoie
Spouse: Henry III King of England m 14 Jan 1235/1236 Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England
Children listed under Henry III King of England
15 125

Emma de Provence (Emma Venaissin)  
b Provence, France
d Set 1037 or 1038
Parents: Rotbald III Count of Provence m Ermengarde d 22 Aug 1057
Spouse: William III Tailliefer de Toulouse
Child: Hildegarde de Toulouse m Fulk Bertrand Marquis & Count of Provence
Child: Pons III de Toulouse m Almodis du la Marche
15 103

Gerberga de Provence
b bef 1053
d bet 3 Feb 1112 and Jan 1113
Parents: Fulk Bertrand Marquis & Count of Provence m Hildegarde de Toulouse
Spouse: Gilbert di Gevaudun
Child: Douce of Provence m Ramon III Berenger
15 110

William I of Provence (Tailliefer) Marquis of Provence Count of Arles
b 950, Provence, France
d 994 or 1018 Avignon, France
Burial: Church Of Saint Croix,
Findagrave 61543673
Parents: Boso II Count of Avignon m Constance of Provence
Spouse 1: Arsenda de Comminges
Child: William II of Provence m Gerberge of Macon
Spouse 2: Blanche of Anjou
Child: Constance of Provence m Robert II King of France
Child: Ermengarde of Arles m Robert I d' Auvergne
Child: Toda of Barcelona m Bernard I de Besalu
15 51 103 104 107 110 125

William II of Provence Count Provence
b abt 983
d bef 30 May 1018
Parents: William I of Provence m Arsenda de Comminges
Spouse: Gerberge of Macon
Child: Fulk Bertrand Marquis & Count of Provence m Hildegarde de Toulouse
Child: Guillaume Bertrand m Aldegarde c 1004
103 110

Ann Purey 14GGrandmother
b abt 1440 Rading, Berkshire, England
d Berkshire, england
Burial: Thatcham Church, Berkshire, England
Findagrave 126288853
Parents: Sir John Purey, Lord of Chamberhouse, line end
Spouse: Sir William Danvers
Child: Alice Danvers m Sir John Rainsford
58 63

Rycharde Pycher
b abt 1500 in England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Cecely Floude m 02 Jun 1548 in North Elmham, Norfolk, England
Child: Admiral Henry Pitcher

Nordic and pagan
King of Mercia 593 - 606
b late 500's
d 606, questionable disposed of by Ceorl
Parents: Creoda
Spouse: unknown
Child: ^Penda, King of Mercia, a pagan warrior
Child: ^daughter of Pybba  m Cadwaladr Fendigaid Cadwallon

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