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Adoppt World   Gardening links of every type
All Nature   Just about everything and anything about herbs
Alocasia Pictures   Good selection for Alocasia ID and other Araceae pictures
Aloe Plants and Seed   Wide variety of Aloe seeds
Amity Roses   Good identification page, great rose selections
Back Yard Gardener   Extensive information - you can spend hours here!
BBC Gardening   One of my favorite reference pages
Bastiaens Gardens   Phenominal perennial gardens in Belgium with virtual tour   Herb info, recipes, sale, data base, extensive
Botany Link List   You could spend hours here, too
Bradley Birdhouses   Handmade, lovely birdhouses and feeders
Brugsmansia 101   If you are hooked on Brugs, this is the first stop
Brug Board   Talk about these incredible plants here
Butterfly Bush Trees   Turn your butterfly bushes into trees - exquisite!
California Dragonflies   Identify your dragonflies
Deer Resistant Landscaping   Crucial information for our Sierra foothill home!!
eNature   Backyard habitats and much information
Farmer's Almanac   The original, indispensible almanac for gardeners
Fed Fire Database   Excellent information on native plants
Ftd: Rose types   Roses 101 done wonderfully
Garden Art by Sandpiper   Incredibly great garden page - I LOVE garden pages!
Garden Break Gardening Index   Start here for anything in gardening!!
Garden Guides   A growing resource for gardeners   Includes a message board for all sorts of help and information!   A Gardener's Information and Shopping Guide
Garden of Eden   Our garden tour, hummers, water features, plants database
Garden Web Forums   Another great extensive data base and boards
HGC Pro - Free Gardening Manual   Offers tips and resources for home and garden construction!
House Plants 4 Less   A wide variety of information, plants and articles
Hoyas International   Valuable page for us Hoya freaks
Indoor Growing Store   Hydroponics for the UK and Europe
Jim's Pond and Garden   A message board for pond questions and inquiries
Milkweed   Monarch butterfly attractors
Moon Phases   For those who plant with the moon in mind, some swear by it
Natural Gardens   Wildlife in the garden, hints and tips
Nearctica   North America natural gardeing
Old Farmer's Almanac   As enjoyable and informative as the publication   Culture, problems, societies, links, a good orchid page
The Plant Lady   Another wonderful page worth mentioning, information and links
Poisonous Plants   Superb reference with pictures by the veterinaries at University of Illinois
Poisonous Flowers to Avoid   More flowers that you should remember to avoid by Kremp Florist, Phildelphia
Pond Doc   Water diagnosis
Quick Grow   I found their articles about hydrogen peroxide, great reading
Rain   Herb and plant info
Review Lab   A large collecton of gardening links, resources, blogs and information
Salvia Specialists   If you are into hummers, you are into Salvias
Seed Site   Great seed pics and information
Seed Swap   A new seed swap forum! Yeah!!
Spirit of Gardening   Quotations, Poetry, and History for Gardeners and Lovers of the Green Way
Strat's Place   Just like home, wonderful  pics and info
Texas Star   Nice slideshow with Texas flowers, plant info
Through The Garden Gate Forum   Bulletin boards for gardening and cooking
Tree Identification   Western, Eastern and Central trees, very helpful
Vera Lynn's Garden Pages   A wonderful page of information and extensive links
Virtual Garden Library   An extensive garden source library
Water Gardening   No garden is complete without a pond or water area
Your Own Garden   Extensive message board, information and more
All Creatures Org   Data base and reference, wildflowers and more
Brugmansia and Datura Gallery   Great identification pages for both plants
Dave's Garden Pages   Extensive gardening pages, data base, boards
DFT (Digital Flora of Texas)   Good data base
Help Me Find   Data base for roses, peonies, clematis
Horticopia   Extensive Genus lists and pictures
Lady Anne's Plant Data Base   Continually growing list of plants and plant information
Millette Photo Media   Garden photography experts, personalized photo search and garden photo support
Pelagorum Identification   Great selection of 'Angel' Martha Washington Geranium pictures
Plant Data Base   Extensive information
Rain Tree Database   Good herb info
Roses Roses   Extensive data base
Salvia Gallery   Great Salvia gallery
Seed Site   Beginning of a large data base
Toxic Plants   Large data base with some pictures, symptoms
Tree of Life   Extensive plant data base
Walters Gardens   Good data base with excellent pics
Weed Index   Large data base by name
What's That Bug?   The absolute best page I have ever found on bugs
Abundant Life Seed   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Burpee   The seed catalog that started it all
Caddicks Clematis   UK Clematis Supply
Completely Clematis Nursery   Splendid clematis collection, Mass, USA
Deep Roots Nursery   Fern specialist
Desert Tropicals   Unusual plants
Fedco Seeds   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Ferry Morse Seeds   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Franklin Hill Garden Seeds   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Goodwin Creek Gardens   Many many specialized herbs and plants
Green Dealer   Exotic and unusual plants
The Greenery   A local garden shop we frequent, the website includes a great encyclopedia!
Heirloom Seeds   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Horizon Herbs   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
J. L. Hudson, Seedsman   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Kartuz Greenhouses   Their service is not recommended, but the rare plant pics are good
Natural Selection   Exotic and weird plants including Taccas
Park Seed   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Passion Flower Pavilion   Passion flowers and Butterfly bushes
Pine Knot Farms   Helleborus Specialists, VA, USA
Potrero Gardens   A San Francisco nursery with good plant lists
Renee's Garden Seeds   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Stoke's Seeds   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Super Seeds Dot Com   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
Terradisiac   Just about everything regarding gardening, ponds, etc
White Flower Farm   Recommended supplier at Dave's Garden
American Clematis Society
Delphinium Society (UK)


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