The following entiries were obtained from my Hotten book 8a from the Musters of the Inhabitants in Virginia 1624/1625 chapters, pages 201 thru 265, which lists the muster captain, and what ship the individual arrived on.

The magazine ship, the William and Thomas, which left England in Sept 1618 with Elder Blackwell and his people, arrived in Virginia either January or March, 1619, there were, according to different accounts, from 180 to 200 sent by ship, and from 30 to 130 died en route, including "Mr Blackwell and Mr. Maggner the Captain." 40 pg 285

Baram, Elizabeth, wife of Anthony on Abigail.
Davis, William, 1618 voyage, aged 33 at muster Eastern Shore.
Frier, George, wife Ursula on London Merchant.
Hall, Susan, 1618 voyage, muster as servant for Sir George Yearly.
Hazard, John, 1618 voyage, aged 40 at Elizabeth city muster with 1 servant.
Johnson, Joseph, muster at Archer's Hope, James City.
Kemp, William, 1618 voyage, aged 33 at Elizabeth City muster under William Julian.
Langman, Peter, wife Mary on unknown other ship.
March, Samuell, muster at Martin's Hundred. Wife, Collice on the 1623 Anne.
Okley, Robert, 1618 voyage, aged 19 at muster as servant for Abraham Peirsey.
Philips, Thomas, 1618 voyage, aged 26 at muster, Basses Choice. Wife Elizabeth on the Seaflower.
Price, Walter, 1618 voyage.
Rydale, Joseph. 
Throgmorton, John, 1618 voyage, aged 24 at muster at West & Sherley hundred, Charles City, with 3 servants.
Turgis, Symon, 1618 voyage, aged 30 at muster. 
Watson, John
Williams, Susan, 1618 voyage, wife of Henery on 1613 Treasurer.

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