Sir Thomas Gates, lieutenant General of Virginia, returned from Holland in March and sailed from England towards the eend of May 1611 with three ships, the Trial, the Swan and the Sara, three carvells (cattle only) and two hundred and four score men and twenty women, two hundred Kine, and many swine and other necessaries. His wife and daughters went with him. They sailed via the West Indies, and while stopping there, his wife died. He arrived in Virginia a litte before Dale's ships (Starr, Prosperous, Elizabeth) were ready to depart. May 2, 1612, Captain George Percy "sett Sayle" from Virginia on the Trial, returning to England.
"The First Republic in America," Alexander Brown

The 1611 Tryall voyage docked 30 Aug 1611, along with the Swan and the Sara, per Susan Hillier ( - no longer available

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