The Starr left England May 1611 for Virginia, a fleet of three ships and three carvels (?) under Sir Thomas Gates with Captain Christopher Newport, now vice Admiral of Virginia and pilot John Clark. She was accompanied by the Prosperous and the Elizabeth, three hundred people, supplies, horses, kine, goats, besides "coneies, pigeons and pullen." They reached the Canaries in April, the Dominica West Indies May 9, Porto Rico and anchored at Point Comfort at night, May 22, 1611. The men were listed as "honest, sufficient artificers, carpenters, smiths, coopers, fishermen, tanners, shoemakers, shipwrights, brickmen, gardeners, husbandmen and laboring men of all sorts."

"The First Republic in America" by Alexander Brown, pg 22 (no longer available)

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