The Richard left Plymouth August 22, 1606, commanded by Captain M. Henry Challons, and Master Daniel Tucker, intended for the North Plantation of Virginia, with fifty five tons of supplies, twenty nine Englishmen and two savages, Manedo and Assacomoit, brought to England the year before from Virginia. There was a second ship sent two months later, with Captain Thomas Hanham as commander and Martin Prinne/Pring of Bristow, as master, no names of the ships are known, but they returned to England about March of the next year.

Captain Challons, the ship and the crew were captured by the Spaniards in the West Indies, November of 1606. November 2, 1608, John Stoneman, the pilot of the Richard, escaped from the prison and reached Plymouth about the 6th of December. Challons would also make it back to England in 1608.

"The First Republic in America" by Alexander Brown, pgs 9, 15

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