Our Pledge of Allegiance is under attack.

Yes, the words "Under God" denotes religion.

Yes, our constitution clearly states our right to the separation of church and state. It also clearly states our right to belief, freedom of thought and speech.

Yes, our country was founded by those who were religiously persecuted and strove to find religious freedom.

Yes, the morals of our country are rapidly deteriorating. This decline has been attributed to the decrease in family unity, community interest, religion and a belief in a God.

Yes, those who do not believe in a God have the right to refrain from stating the Pledge of Allegiance.

Yes, those who believe in God have the right to state the Pledge of Allegiance.

Yes, Beaver Cleaver is dead. We killed him, generation by generation, and only we can bring him back.

What do you believe in?

Do you believe, firmly in your heart, that no one should have the right to force their beliefs on others?

Do you believe that no matter what state or power exists beyond this life, that you will be accountable in some fashion or another for your actions in this life?

Do you believe that one of the purposes of this life is to learn, to love, to grow, to harm none?

Do you believe that you can influence your world, your space, those around you and those you might never know?

Do you believe that two opposing beliefs can both be morally right?

Do you believe that opposing beliefs can coexist, side by side, peacefully, productively?

Do you believe, by holding firm to your beliefs and demonstrating them throughout your life, you can be a positive influence in this world?

The conflict concerning the Pledge of Allegiance was started by one man. One man. A man who believed, firmly in his heart, that the nation should not be forced to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance as it did not agree with his beliefs. In his decision to stand for the removal of the Pledge (although it was his belief, not that of his daughter who attends school) he inflicted his beliefs on those who did not agree with him.

The decision by the courts proclaiming the Pledge is unconstitutional, is in itself, unconstitutional. We have THE RIGHT to say the Pledge, as it stands, one nation, under God, just as anyone has THE RIGHT to not participate in the Pledge.

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