December 15, 1972

Dear Stan,

While addressing the Christmas cards, I generally take time out to write a few lines to my good friends, just to keep in touch.

It’s a rainy evening, but I feel cozy and snug as I sit here typing this letter to you by the fire, sort of half listening to the radio and sipping a double Martini. I only wish you were able to join me in one, but since you are not, the least I can do is to toast to your health and happiness, so time out while I bend my elbow to you.

I also took time out to mix another Martini and while I was in the kitchen, I thought I might as well drink it out there and mix another out there, and in doing so I feel like I am beginning to feel pretty hih.

It’s gunny how a cold fring can warm up your stomach and snspire your thoughts, inn’t? I must have been sittign too close to the fire for I startew feel a littel dizzy so I mixed another Martini and now my head feld cler as a bell again?. O you can!t beat the cocmation of good gin, Christiaan Broethers vermouth and stiffed olives, beer ansquoth and bourban are allrighr but you cant beat gun ermouth with even piceld onions.

Now I like a liitle dring now anthn and I have tak a fourth or maybe fifthf and I am more than evew convinced that any man shqe doens8t is stupif and not inth prop3e sprt/) icould drinl Marrinis alday and nefer qibber an ctelash and so so sworse a citiseb thjat I was vebore. This coutry is good as it evew wax. We al know tazes are hiht, but still we arewell off in us ofa. There just isn8t a bettercountyr.

Say tese Matunis isalll righr, when vev nede stimulanyz we srue so even if some pepple don9t like ti who are bluncoses and its prety kinf of a kettlefish if I cant drinj aa toastr to aold friend. O I could dronk matrinis by the quaet to yourr heahlt a ll night and still pass anu so soirity ets sos geres toy your healtj. G Hpapy Mnerww Yre.@!

Afectnatly yours,

JohnS t

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