At times I can see for miles, a path, a way so clearly
Always for someone else, some that I love dearly.
Rarely my path peers through the misty dream
I know only of my end, and nothing in between.

Little bits and pieces, a floating hidden rhyme
Whispers in the wind, a breeze in space and time.
It does not linger long enough to show its clarity
Yet teases with a flavour, it may or may not be.

Is there only solitude for my remaining days?
Alone is not a lonely, it's peace in many ways.
So many still surround me who bring me joy and strife
But not the heart felt soul I've longed for all my life.

I have stood alone forever, it just seemed right to me
Through many loves and lovers I have always struggled free.
Now wedded to a man who holds only half my heart
Like so many others who also hold a part.

Each person that I've loved has had a special plan
Each journey its own purpose, strength grew from every man.
I stopped searching for my soul mate many moons ago
One man to hold my heart? This man, earth does not know.

If he exists he's well hidden so I will be surprised
When I least expect it, I'll look into his eyes
There'll be no doubt or sadness, time will hold so still
There'll be no words or questions, only our one will.

I cannot sit still waiting for what might never be
There are many paths and ways and errands just for me
Planning my tomorrow is based only on myself
I pick and choose my days away like objects on a shelf.

For those who travel with me, I tell them all the same
I have a road not narrow, I have not its full name
I will walk until I tire, and then go on again
Meeting many others, I know not who or when.

The short term life companions are as vivid as the sun
I know where we will separate as soon as we've begun
The life long friends are mysteries, revealed by only time
Our paths are twined together, as yours is twined with mine.

I cannot cloud the future with what we think must be
But spend our time just sharing the moments we now see.
The moments become hours, hours turn to years,
So many things in store for us, laughter, love and tears.

With someone quite so special, with love and sight so strong,
I can't deny the whisper, for the breeze is never wrong.
I've not chosen my next path, so many I can see,
And only one will take me where you will also be.

Both of us must wander within our own true light,
Forging independent roads, the only path that's right,
If we make our choices based on others in our life,
The paths may stay together, perhaps as man and wife.

The man who keeps my heart in whole until the day I die
Is who can live without me, and will not tell a lie.
I will hear the whisper, I'll feel wonder at its charms,
And watch the story unfold in time, and die in loving arms.

Written by Sharry Anne Stevens 1995, all right reserved
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