Children who scream in public are a pet peeve of mine, along with tangled hangers. 
The mother who screams back in public in an attempt to solve the situation needs a parenting class, quick. 

The only time I was embarrassed about my children's behaviour in public is truly a cute story for another day. 

If your child is misbehaving in public, remove the child, quickly and quietly. 
If this costs you a basket of groceries, a warm dinner in a restaurant, that's the price you pay to be a parent. 
One time, you take the child out, the next time your spouse does it.
Make is clear this is not acceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated.

If you expect your child will scream in public, be prepared for it and have a plan. 

Leave the kids at home with a babysitter while you go out until they can understand and behave. 

Talk to the child before the trip, explain what will not be acceptable, 
what will happen if they misbehave and back it up.

Offer a reward if the child can behave, but do not offer a purchase at that store 
or you are headed for years of begging "Can I have this, can I have this?"
Offer a zoo trip an ice cream at another location, a special story time once you get back home.

Give the child a job while grocery shopping, holding a special item (unbreakable) in order to get it home safely.
Ask the child take charge of holding the list, and handing to you over and over, 
directly involving the child in shopping the entire time in the store.
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