I write the most wonderful articles when I almost asleep. Too bad I can't get up and write them down. Sometimes I do manage to scribble a note, but in the morning I can't make heads or tails of them.

This is a collection of thoughts or something  heard and scribbled on the notepad next to my bed.

Nothing happens until something moves. Albert Einstein

You dont have problems, you just think you do

The three hardest things to do are to return hate with love, defend the absent and admit our wrongs.

There goes another moment: a chance to turn it all around

Dreams are what gives the spirit hope, joy, purpose and energy.

Anger is from hurt, fear and frustration

Out of control: You have given yourself permission to not control your temper

The honeymoon is over when lamenting over the day's events take precedence over the rich, welcome kiss.

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