Raggedy Ann sits in a window of a store that I pass every day
Raggedy Ann looks just like cotton, her stuffing is made only of hay
But Raggedy Ann was made by the man who sits in the rocking horse chair
And Raggedy Ann was made out of love and kindly old hands with much care.

Raggedy Ann sits in her chair with hundreds of toys all around
Raggedy Ann, she smiles all day long, never the slightest of sounds
Raggedy Ann is as lonely as I am, I know as I stand there and stare
That she would be happy if we were together, there's so much we could share.

Please, Mr, Robbins, a dollar is all I own.
Please Mr. Robbins, I'd like to take her home.

Old Mr, Robbins, he looks as me slowly from his comfortable rocking horse chair
He looks all around at the hundreds of toys and scratches his silver grey hair
Old Mr. Robbins, he rocks himself slowly and sips from his cup full of tea
He picks her up gently, kisses her forehead, and hands Raggedy Ann down to me.

Written by Sharry Anne Stevens 1976, all right reserved
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