Knock. Peter. Again. Happy sigh. Hello. How are you? Haircut. New pants. Coke? Thanks. Glances. Aware. Sit down? Fighting over matches. Wrestling. Close. Awkward. Uncertain. Tempting. Desire. New feelings. Awfully close. Warm. Parents. Break. Friends. Chore, stack books. Conscious. Of each other. Mom leaves. Look. Matches. Move. Teaser. Closer. Uncertain. Awkward. Whisper. Teasing. Kissing neck. Move. Piano. Mom. Stack more books. Back on chair. Touch. Look. Move. Slow wrestle. Tease. Kiss. Soft. Warm. Long. Look, embarrassed. Look. Different! Romantic? Yes! Pulls head down. Long, deep, soft, evolved, warm, thorough, very deep kiss. Pure passion. Dinner? Too much homework. Bedroom. Bed. Sit Indian. Radio. Incense. Love Is Blue. Looks. Tease. Memories. Pillows. Move. Make bed. Pillow. Throw. Hit. Toss. Fight. Gather pillows. Pulled away. Holding tight. Grabs pillows. Grabs me. Kisses neck. Kisses deep. Drop pillows. Turn around. Hold him. Tight. Deep. Hand. On back. Presses. Deeply. Heart skips. Kisses. Stop. Gaze. Laugh. Kiss. Sit. Talk. Lay back on pillows. Pulls me. Deep. Gentle. Soft. Tender. Want. Whisper. Damn family! House of the Rising Sun. More memories. Smiles. Kisses. Laying next to Peter. Long brown hair. Bigger brown eyes. Gorgeous. Sigh. Peter. Doorbell. Calls for me. John. Embarrassment. Plus! Gotta go. Back to Peter. Dinner ready. Sitting. Kisses. Pulls me down. Rolls. Heart. Deep. Beautiful. Tempting. Sounds. Forks. Plates. Family. Start. Hot. Deep. Brakes? What brakes? Too tempting. Pull away. Roll over. Breathing hard. Chases. Rolls over. Fitted together. Stop. Too tempting. Call. Late. Drive you home? Okay. Smile. Kiss again. Starts pulling me. No. Wont stop. Late. Tempting. Want. Up. Licence. Keys. Cigarettes. Coat. Matches. Oh, yes. Matches. Smoking? Terrible. Teasing. Car. Cold. Kiss. Start. Lights. Wipers. Rainbow. Stop sign. Kiss. Saratoga Sunnyvale Road. Quiet. Bollinger Road. See you again? Busy. Try? Okay. Miss you. Silly. I will. Tantau Road. Ferngrove. Silence. His house. Stop. Door. Out. Stop. Back. Quick kiss. Hesitate. Deep, thorough again. Temptation. Don't go. Have to. Goodbye. Goodbye, my mistress. See you. Kiss. Drive off. Cigarette. Speeding. Bollinger. Tear. Two. Drag. Three. Four. Streams. Highway 9. Fast, steady tears. Radio. Cheer up. Want. Home. Gate. Door. Slam! Room. Coat. Radio. Lying down. Think. Cry. Wish. Hope. Remember. Sleep. Can't. Eat. No. Wash hair. Iron skirt. Thinking. Crying. Possible? No, too distant. He doesn't. Does he? Still wish. Hope. Please. Bed. Radio. Cry. Sleep.


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