Green Mansions

Coming home so thankfully
Running the last few miles
Coming in with grateful tears
Love's been saving all the while.
Open up to let it out
Rest your weary soul
Searching for you uselessly
The bed's so very cold.

Thoughts are flying overhead
Echoes turning every stone
The greatest depth of each other's souls
The green mansions of our own.
Massive greys and wanderings
Are left to another kind
All are here of spirits wild
In our own simple minds.

A woman can stand by her very own man
till the day that the earth rots away,
But the strength of the love needs a helping hand
from a man who comes home every day.
I can see but I can feel
A loneliness deep inside
An emptiness that can make me run
Leave forever and hide

Fires drifting aimlessly
Passing me and going on
Flames that sometime seem to say
Linger with us in your song
Please bury me to save my soul
With scarlet golden hair
And let me come now running home
To find you waiting there

Written by Sharry Anne Stevens 1973, all right reserved
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