There once was a battle, a glory to behold
The people, the pictures, so much to unfold . . .
It was fought on all fronts; screen names, pictures and fonts
She said it could never grow gruesome and old.

They say she went crazy, they say she went nuts,
The computer, the coffee, all those cigarette butts!
They took her away from that room yesterday,
"Oh my! What a shame, that she went that way."

"How did it happen?" the locals will say,
On a bright sunny morning, a clear summer's day.
She was just hanging around, went in to say "Hey!"
To the room where the Boomers all talk and go play.

Someone said, "Anne, I don't have your pic!"
She said, "Oh, I am sorry, I'll send it now, Rick!"
Then she thought how nice to have one big place
To go and look at each Boomer's face!

Thus it was born, the great Boomer page,
The nightmare that would soon make her wrinkle and age!
She sent out the letter, "I'll put it together"
A fast little project for rainy day weather!

T'was a small task to start, she had just a few,
In the weeks that would come, how it grew and it grew!
The mail, it poured in - sent by the tons!
The prettiest faces and cute little buns!

Alas, the day came when she ran out of room!
Trouble abound in the land of the Boom!
Confusion galore, the bus links "not found"
Patience put to the test - the server was down!

The page really led to her early demise
She could not go online without a disguise!
Her need to finish the page was immense,
The addiction had become far too intense!

Her family complained, the animals moaned,
"You don't ever feed us! Notice we've grown?"
"The windows need washing, the dishes aren't clean!"
"The house is as dirty as we've ever seen!"

The medics drove up, and we all went to see
The strange AOL lady on street Twenty Three.
She held her head sideways, a smile on her face,
We hope she'll be comfy in her new cozy place!

So beware, little children, whenever you hear
"It's all very simple" and they beckon you near!
Remember the story of poor Lady Anne . . .
And her family alone, John, Jenny and Dan!

Dedicated to my family for putting up with my online time and obsession to my pages.

They have made me a solemn promise today: my gravestone will read, "We loved her, but she was weird."

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