By Helen Hamburg

1. I am participating in a contest - the one that dies with the most fabric wins.

2. It is less expensive and more fun than psychiatric care.

3. It protects the ironing board, the dining room table, the extra closet space from dust.

4. It keeps without refrigeration, you don't have to feed it, change it, wipe it's nose or walk it.

5. Stress from dealing with the Fabric Control Officer (my husband) made me do it.

6. A sudden boll weevil population explosion might wipe out the cotton crop for years!

7. It's not immoral, illegal or fattening, calms the nerves and gratifies the soul.

8. It was on sale.

9. I am worth it.

10. I will use it some day, for some thing.

11. It keeps the economy going.

12. A yard a day - all the fabric shops of America ask!