How many times have you heard that children learn by example? It IS the first and most frequent way they learn the first years of their lives.

How many times have you taken a really good look at what they see? It IS hard to look at the world through their eyes but well worth the effort.

It's an extremely interesting viewpoint if you can be truly objective.

Parents teach their child not to hit YET 'hit' or spank as punishment.

Parents tell their children to be quieter YET they yell when they do it.

Parents tell their children not to lie YET tell fibs and fail to tell their children the truth.

It is YOUR job as a parent to teach your children how to deal with life, sadness, loss, anger, frustration, disappointment. There are no other means of learning this in life outside of examples from other people, and we are not taught these principals or methods in standard schools.

Don't fail your child. Be their teacher. Be the BEST teacher they will have.

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