The Englishman's Daughter

Oh, I wish that was born a man, but I am only a girl
I wish I was a traveling man, off to see the world.
I'd be sailing on Her Majesty's ship with billowing sails of white
Watching for the brave new world or a lonely seagull's flight.
Oh I wish that I was born a queen, but I am only a dame
I wish I was a gypsy queen, born to freedom and fame.
I'd be dancing in the warm night winds, a thousand stars all around
In a gypsy band in the mountain air, free and never bound.
Oh I wish that was born in state, but I am only a maid
I wish I was a lady of court, with jewels of silver and jade.
I'd be dancing with a line of lords, as fair as an English flower
Going home in a carriage fine in the early morning hour.
Oh I wish I was born in America, not an Englishman's daughter
I wish I was a rich man's wife, across the Atlantic water.
England is a land of cold and alone, but I love a traveling man
My lover is sweet and my heart is warm when that traveling man comes home.
Written by Sharry Anne Stevens 1977, all right reserved

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