A wonderfully effective procedure for discipline, no matter the age:

1. Take the child out of the room where the infraction occurred and away from all others.
2. Use the travel time to cool off.
	If you aren’t calm, explain you are too angry still, instruct the child to stay there and that 
        you will return in a few minutes.
	The child will be wait anxiously in anticipation and can reflect on the infraction immediately after it happened.
3. When you return, sit across from them, use eye contact and a quiet voice.
	Tell the child exactly what they did wrong. Simply. Keep it short. Do not assume they know.
4. Explain exactly what the consequences will be. 
5. Ask if they have any questions (or do they understand) and be open for a discussion or quiet, reasonable debate.
6. End the session with a hug, touch or another sign of affection, a reassurance they are always loved, no matter what. 
7. Follow up on the consequences.
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