There is nothing else I would say that's not been said before
Just that I dearly love thee, and be with you more and more.
God saw it fit to let you die and leave me on my own
He must have had some kind of plan, though it never will be shown.
He must have had a reason, the wisdom I cannot see
I only feel you've gone away and the pain it causes me.

There's never been one dearer that the man I'd always call
Whenever I needed comfort, you were with me through it all.
You took care of me when my men broke my tender heart
And took care to say "I love you" when ever we would part.
Once we spoke of  the hell on earth if either one of us died
I will always remember that night, we both broke down and cried.

You bravely endured the music of my rock and roll band
At every computer show we walked together, hand in hand
You put out the fire with the teakettle in mother's blue car,
Silently got out the maps when I told you Mississippi wasn't far.
You cooked dinner for my three young beaus so I could entertain.
How many walks did we take down the road in the light evening rain?

We always talked of the Grand Canyon trip we would take
How many plans, how many projects together did we make?
You came out to Mississippi when your namesake grandson was born
Our parting was painful, both so light hearted but really forlorn.
We finally returned home as you and I knew both knew we would
We had to be with each other as often as we could.

I'll always remember the first day we spoke so honest and free
You said you would be happy for life with a wife just like me
We spoke of the special relationship we both knew that we had
It was great to feel so good with my best friend, my dad.
I don't think there as much that we didn't discuss or share
There were times we shut out the world and just didn't care.

There are so many memories I have floating around in my head
I recall them especially when I try to sleep in my safe little bed
I try not to cry when I think of you somewhere unknown
I think of you constantly, even more when I am alone.
I try to keep going, I can hear you sternly tell me to be brave
An all I want to do is crawl away in the darkness to some tiny cave.

I do things that you would do, I think of how you would act
I try to be brave, but I just want you back
I want to have you hold me again, hug you one more time
To stand at your side, for every thing to be just fine.
Your daughter still lives with your essence, your soul
I'll love you forever, and miss you always as time will unfold.

I'd give anything dearly for you to appear by my side
Where ever you are, come out and talk, why do you hide?
Maybe it's right, for me to not see you, even once more
Are you waiting for me on some far distant shore?
I am not in a hurry, my end will be when it will come,
You will be there, waiting, when He welcomes me home.

Written sometime after 1986

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