Appreciate Behold each day about thee, drink in its wonders from the tiniest creature to the most glorious sunset and moon rise
Accept Allow change without forfeiting a principle, life is not your journey alone, but one that blends with millions
Acknowledge Welcome responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, actions, mistakes and choices and their repercussions
Assist Be heedful of the needs of others, counsel and comfort as you seek counsel and comfort
Balance Fairly and equally, be a leader, a follower, a peacemaker within Nature's rules, live peacefully within your boundaries
Defend Stand firm within your values, teach your ways and pass on your traditions to others in your life
Enhance Master and enjoy a skillful art that contributes to the beauty of the world
Learn Grow and progress within yourself and all that surrounds you, seek knowledge and understanding all of your days
Love Regard all companions, creatures, and life with love, kindness and forgiveness, create a positive atmosphere around you
Nurture Cherish all of earth and nature, tend your realm and encourage others to do the same
Pray Honour your beliefs and your God or essence with prayer, faith and trust. Enjoy silence and your own company.
Protect Oppose evil and wickedness everywhere, multiply the goodness and honour, harm none
Respect Pay tribute to all, especially those who are older, wiser, and those who have gone before
Strengthen Center yourself to be strong of heart, spirit and body, devoted to continuing fulfillment and improvement
Share Whatever path you follow, where ever your journey takes you, extend light, kindness, love and peace to all
  Smile and laugh often, enjoy your suroundings and home, simplify, forgive and disregard guilt.

You are most welcome to copy, print, adopt, share, use or take these tenets, but acknowledgement to the author and a quick email to say so would be appreciated.

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