I don't get aggravated too easily. My children would disagree with that, but that's ok. They haven't seen really upset, yet.

One of my least favorite things to do is to pick up my daughter from school. I enjoy her, chatting about the day on the ride home, the prospect of another evening together. What I do not enjoy is the turmoil caused by driving any where near the school at "school's out" hours. It's actually amazing, if you can keep your sense of humour. Keep in mind this is still a small town, about 60,000 of us now. I remember 30,000.

The high school is on a corner, a little more than a mile from my home. Once I leave our street, we are in a complete and total deadlock. The school is still a half a mile away. The people driving north won't allow south bound traffic to turn left creating a backlog that flows past the entire school, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the parking lot. You could not get into the parking lot anyway, cars are backed up to the entrance and no one in their right mind would ever dream of giving you space in front of them. It's the most intense example of the lack of the Golden Rule I have ever seen.

I drive a distinctive car, a green British TR7 convertible. Small, but quick. I started a new project and have been at it for about a month now.

When I get, finally, to the front of the left turn lane into the parking lot, I stop.  Someone in the oncoming lane will at long last stop for me to make my left. Instead, I wave to let the long line of cars trying to make a left onto the road out of the parking lot. This in turn, allows room for others to move about in the lot and room for me to drive in. Duh.

This became a vendetta. My daughter teases me about being the lot director, and those behind me get a teensy bit upset at me, honking and swearing and making interesting finger movements. I stand firm, smile and wave or turn up the music.

I contemplating putting "Remember Common Courtesy?" in large letters across the top of my windshield, but everyone in town knows where this car is parked at night and some people are slightly revengeful. We have some kids in our neighborhood who must love to terrorize and I really, really like the windows of my car, so I have restrained.

What I have noticed, after a month of this is hopeful and truly grand. When the kids in the lot see me in the turn lane, they know what I am going to do and they book it out into traffic at my wave. Others actually stop and let people in, people are truly starting to be courteous! I noticed it for the first time yesterday and I was so proud of them!!!!  There is hope. There is ALWAYS hope.

Note: This was published in the local editorial section of our small town newspaper. I'll be darned, some parents must have read this because they are starting to do the same thing. Gee. Hope! Neat.

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