I started this exercise a while back, have added to it, refined it, and finally feel it is worth sharing. I also call this "aligning myself with my universe" and does wonders. The miracles that happen in my life are truly amazing.

Start in the shower every day, during a time when it is quiet and you can concentrate. Later, when you can obtain this thought or atmosphere quickly, you can do it anywhere, anytime. It is simply phenomenal, and brings the most incredible things into your life, regardless of who you consider to be your Higher Power.

In the shower, let the hot water run over and down the back of your head. Stand with your eyes shut, a comfy standing position, arms relaxed at your sides, and feel the water flow from head to heel. Be very, very aware.

Visualize a bubble, the blowing bubbles kind you made as a child, perfectly round, weightless, shimmering, glimmering, the luminescent multi coloured surface constantly in gentle motion, perfection.

Put yourself in the middle of that perfectly round bubble.  Be aware of the ENTIRE bubble, front back, sides, top and bottom. Remain aware of the ENTIRE bubble at all times. If you find your mind has wandered to what you need from the grocery store, bring it back to the bubble. Again and again, if need be. If you need an exercise on concentration, a good one is here.

Next, make the bubble large, larger and larger. Never lose the sensation or shape of the bubble, with yourself in the exact center. Make the bubble so large that even though you can no longer see the perimeter, you can still feel it, you are still aware of its shape, totality, completeness, with yourself still in the center. Spread your fingers slightly to allow contact with anything passing by, totally aware. Make it larger again, large enough to encompass all good things, the known universe, the unknown universe, all eternity, everything that exists in all space. Include your Higher Power, His love, His power, energy, the power of intention, the laws of attraction, the love from everyone you know, alive and passed, karma, each whisper that winds its way around our world. Include peace, understanding, all knowledge, complete freedom. Be open to everything that might be in the universe and beyond it, what you know about, what you don't know about.

Most importantly:
Feel the bubble, feel the space and energies in the bubble, feel yourself in the center.
Listen, listen to the vastness, to everything far and near, open your ears as wide as you can.
Allow everything wonderful into your bubble, imagine limitless possibilities.

Hang on to that bubble while we do one more thing.

At your feet, the water running down your legs creates a pool of sorts. When a drop of water hits a pond, it ripples out, in all directions, a lovely circle. Imagine the water running down your back creating the same ripples in the water in the bottom of the shower.  Make this circle, where the continual ripples are visible, (they magically end where ever you want them to) as large as you want to. Start with a little area today, perhaps three feet in diameter.

This is YOUR space. This is the space YOU control in your life. Be open to everything in the bubble, be aware, allow all that energy to come into your life, but keep only what you want in your space in the rippling circle at your feet.

Factors in your life you are not happy about, but can do nothing about? Something you can't deal with right now, or deal with at all? Spouse, child or parent out of control? Put them OUTSIDE your circle. Keep only what YOU can control within that circle at your feet. Choose what you want in your space, and all else can remain outside the circle for today.

Hold on to that immense, endless, exquisite bubble, and your circle of control, your space, and feel them both for as long as time allows.  If you get dizzy, you were doing it right!

Hang on to the bubble and your own space while we do one more thing.

Imagine a rippling, endless ribbon, about a foot wide, floating through the air, in the outskirts of your bubble but still within your reach. It's not really solid, but filled with brilliant, beautiful sparkles or fairy dust, just like stars. Just like the milky way. It's called the "Power of Intention." When you have some time, pop that into your browser and check it out. Quite a concept. If there is something in your life you do not have, a job, mate, friend, lost object, put that object into the ribbon's stream. See it, envision it, watch it float by. Now, reach up, slowly, and out your fingertips into that ribbon of light. Connect with the object even if it is on the other side of the bubble, away from your fingers. Repeat it as often as you can. Connect with that milky way.

Do this every morning. Every shower. It will take less and less time to get both the bubble and the circle at your feet in place. Then, sitting at church, bring them back alive. Dinner time, rest time, any time. The more often, the more you retain the peace that the exercise will bring into your life, your soul, your heart.

Then, simply proceed with your days, in your bubble and watch the unclaimed miracles come to your life. I can create and maintain my bubble fairly anywhere now, and incorporate the sounds of life around me into my bubble. It's truly awesome.  Try it......

Did this help or make sense to you?
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