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Dec 29, 2003 Melissa & Kristina Raceland, Louisiana I really enjoyed my visit. Happy New Year! Original Art Graphics
Dec 28, 2003 Wayne & Becky Indiana, USA Gee... you have so many great pages. Stained Glass
Dec 27, 2003 Sarah, USA I need some help I am looking for a religious group that had a story that was read with the silent night song playing in the background. the artist is unknown and I am trying to get the story but I need someones help I Want to Remember 911
Dec 26, 2003 Paula Anthony, California God bless those who lost a family member or friend. God is watching over those who weep in pain. I love you all and I'll pray for those God bless. I Want to Remember 911
Dec 24, 2003 jana thiffeault
Dec 15, 2003 Amanda Diaz, Iowa Park TX. The entire website was incredible. I like the poetry that was written on this web-site. I would love to visit it everyday I Want To Remember, 911
Dec 13, 2003 Gina Knapp, Wisconsin Pen and Pencil Drawings
Dec 08, 2003 Barbara, New York Clip art
Dec 01, 2003 Angel Mary Christine Great site, I really enjoyed my visit. Links
Nov 30, 2003 Jade, USA I really like your "Heavy Thoughts" page! Wonderful quotes! Food for Thought
Nov 27, 2003 the cyst, USA Graphics
Nov 18, 2003 nikki paladini, Scotland Love the fairy in the woods! Stained Glass
Nov 14, 2003 Prettypoet Cindy, Wisconsin USA artist, poet, writer You have a great website to visit. I loved looking around and I'll be back again soon. Clipart
Nov 13, 2003 jfahy, Ireland Business:parks design Garden
Nov 13, 2003 Laurrie Basilett. Dundee, OH Anne, they all interested me!! what a wonderful place to get away to!!! Thank you for sharing this with me, and I look forward to the "unidentified link" when you get to it, also another lady said she would help me, so I will send you an email with her info. Garden
Nov 06, 2003 Cassandra, CA i think u r a wonderful artist and don't take that compliment to the head. but i think u have a absolutely great talent. Pen and Pencil Drwaings
Oct 30, 2003 Amy Dobson, Scotland Quite good! Spoooooooky enough though! Halloween
Oct 29, 2003 Connie, Canada Loved the Halloween site it was Awesome Holiday Graphics
Oct 27, 2003 Beverly, USA I have not took a look around yet. I wanted to sign in and say "hi" before I forgot about doing it. Holiday Graphics
Oct 27, 2003 Anne, Chicago Great Site Pen and Pencil Drawings, Original Art
Oct 26, 2003 Ricky, NC International 911 force was just trying to find the history behind halloween. just curious. i was 19 when i came to the country.
Oct 25, 2003 Crystal Gazer
Oct 25, 2003 Rick This page is called "The Halloween Story". Read it if you dare!
Oct 21, 2003 MonaK I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN & tell you that I really enjoyed your website! You have done an outstanding job with it--keep up the great work.
Oct 16, 2003 Tara I. Saif, Pune, India Beautiful work. Keep it up
Oct 14, 2003 Edward, Austin, TX nice work..Ia m also trying to get my stuff on the net too... Pen and Pencil Drawings
Oct 14, 2003 Rita(Patsy)
Oct 13, 2003 Frank Laprade, Michigan Looking at your guestbook made me very angry with one of your readers: Namely car dusan silni, srbija. They use the word "Innocent" loosely. This says that people who kill their own people are "Innocent"? Are they are entitled to their own opinion in their country? "NOT" they would be shot by their own police if they went against the popular beliefs of their leaders. He states "americans killed so many inocent people all over world and all that "in the name of world peace". Well who asked for them in bosnia or serbia?????? nobody and nobody dont love them there so i think they deserved what they got". No one deserved the awful things that happened on 9/11 Note from Anne: Hmmm......maybe this does not deserve posting, what does everyone think? He IS entitled to his opinion. (Not in my book, Anne) Frank LaPrade Dear Frank, this entry caused me a great debate, to post or not to post. I did see one advantage, and that would be to remind us that people of this thought ARE out there, and people who do not think this way need to continue whatever in our lives influences us to try and prevent their thought from becoming the majority. While I truly believe he has the right to think whatever he wishes, we have the equal right to prevent him from interacting in our lives as best we can, and that I maintain the right to believe, and practice, my belief that no one should ever harm another.
Oct 13, 2003 scrappy kat, florida BOO! Have a terrorific Halloween! Keep up the great work! Holiday Graphics
Sept 31, 2003 Juan Carlos Fuentes, Florida I just wanted to tell that I have been praying for the people of 9/11 and hero's of 9/11 I Want to Remember 911
Sep 24, 2003 Lottie Parker, Michigan Your website is great. We will never forget. I Want to Remember 911
Sept 19, 2003 SANDRA GAIES, ARKANSAS Hoilday Graphics
Sept 15, 2003 joanne pooran I Want to Remember 911
Sept 14, 2003 Gail Upton, Dawlish, Devon, England found the site easy to use, and just what I was looking for, without having to go all around the houses to get there Original Art and Clip Art
Sept 12, 2003 Ruth Coates i was very moved by the 2001,911 poem. i wish i knew who wrote it. my mother woke me up with the news. she saw the second plane crash into the other tower.for about a week, i didn't want to see the footage of the world trade center falling down.but, if one person comes to Jesus through what happened, the 3000+ people that died will not have died in vain. thank you for making the website. God bless you and may God bless America.
Sept 11, 2003 melanie hensley, michigan I Want to Remember 911
Sept 11, 2003 Katie Gauthier, Port St. Lucie, FL No matter what happens NOBODY can bring us down, for we cannot be defeated! We come together and unite as one and stand tall for our country and our fallen victims of 9/11. My prayers go out to everyone of 9/11. God Bless. I Want to Remember 911
Sept 11, 2003 Terry Quinn, Colorado Springs Colorado Telecommunication I Want to Remember 911
Sept 10, 2003 Lisa, NY very well written and god bless those of u who have lost someone close i thank god everyday my husband was late for work he worked in the second building on the 102nd floor I Want to Remember 911
Sept 10, 2003 Jegas, Malaysia I Want to Remember 911
Sept 10, 2003 Brenda Phillips, North Carolina I Want to Remember 911
Sep 09, 2003 Arthur John, Miami, Florida American Airlines Ramp Services It still hurts..... I Want to Remember 911
Sep 08, 2003 Sue, UK I Want to Remember 911
Sept 08, 2003 brenda fiandra, ct Thank you!! we all need to remember 09-11-01 we need to realize that 3,ooo Americans were killed for no other reason than hatred. God forgive me, i hope those animals rot in hell I Want to Remember 911
Sep 08, 2003 Pat, NJ I Want to Remember 911 Page: Please visit my small 9/11 web pages: Gone Too Soon... and Liberty under a Cloud..
Sep 07, 2003 Carole, New Jersey Thank you for you site.... I Want to Remember 911
Sep 05, 2003 David Diaz, Orlando Florida Came too see:I Want To Remember, 911 I Want To Remember, 911
Aug 29, 2003 Myrtle Wilmont, florida, USA I'm pround to be an american and we all should be to just like you I Want to Remember 911
Aug 27, 2003 Robin Kucynda, Georgia I Want To Remember, 911
Aug 27, 2003 Richie & Traci Tucker, Winchester Indiana Business:Winchester Police Department I Want To Remember, 911
Aug 27, 2003 gloria utley, louisiana I enjoy all flowers,but I plant mostly for hummers and butterflies. I also love feeding birds and squirels Garden
Aug 27, 2003 Dana Beazley, TN Stained Glass
Aug 16, 2003 Faith Mansell Trueax, New Hampshire Wonderful summary of your enthusiasm for geneaology. If I had your talent these are the words I would utter to my descendents - Thank you.
Aug 11, 2003 Daniel, michigan
Aug 11, 2003 Perry Churchill, Wisconsin Let us all remember what happened on September 11, 2001 and what needs to be done! I Want to Remember 911
Apologies to all those who visited my guestbook between May and August, whose entries, alas, are lost forever due to a computer crash.
May 3, 2003 linda hand, new jersey USA thank you for this page, i hope we always remember I Want To Remember, 911
May 1, 2003 Keith Carey @ I will never forget. Go to to hear why... I Want To Remember, 911
Apr 30, 2003 Mike and Sandra Bradford, Texas USA Love the photos and great information and gardening tips. Looking forward to the Plant Swap Forum in Lewisville. Bird Houses & Feeders
Apr 30, 2003 Nanny6, Mississippi I reallly enjoyed the Pond pages, just beautiful! Now I hope to get DH to build a trellis like yours; we have a 'sunny' deck too. Especially enjoyed the 'Dave'and "Annie' figures!! Will visit again, when I have more time!! I promise! ;o) Bird Houses & Feeders
Apr 26, 2003 Pat Henshaw, California Garden
Apr 25, 2003 Crystal Renee Schultz Enterprise,Oregon Stained Glass
Apr 21, 2003 Phyllis A. Knox, Florida Stained Glass
Apr 20, 2003 Christy A., Oklahoma Awesome site! Love it! I will definitely come back! Clip art
Apr 17, 2003 Curtis Williamson,Glendora, Calif Very well done! I Want To Remember, 911
Apr 17, 2003 Jon, Connecticut Original Art, Stained Glass
Apr 17, 2003 Linda AOL Baby Boomers
Apr 16, 2003 Chris Stroud, NY Just looking Nice work Original art
Apr 13, 2003 shanna guzman, NY do what you do best because u only live once just take life one steps at a time
Apr 07, 2003 Mark Ell, Canada
Apr 05, 2003 darlene frasher, michigan I am so concerned with what is going on. I am proud to see webs as yours. God bless. I Want To Remember, 911
Mar 10, 2003 Ella Dawkins, Alabama Garden
Mar 10, 2003 Troy Hamburg, the Republic of Texas Garden
Mar 6, 2003 M Thompson, California Thanks a bunch! Graphics
Mar 6, 2003 Joanne, New Jersey Absolutely loved your site! Bird Houses & Feeders
Mar 4, 2003 William Johnson, Minnesota Nice website! Genealogy
Mar 4, 2003 Jack Cooley, New York i like viewing your birdhouses and feeders Bird Houses & Feeders
Mar 4, 2003 Teri, San Diego, CA There's lots here to see. I'll need to come back when I have a few minutes to really poke my nose around. Garden, Bird Houses & Feeders, Original Art, Pen and Pencil Drawings, Clip Art
Mar 3, 2003 Ashley Anderson, California i like original pencil art, it is always nice to see someone creative drawings...... Pen & Pencil Drawings,
Feb 27, 2003 Bree, California Hey Second Mom !!! I love the pages you made !!! There really Nifty !!! Keep up the good work !! Maybe you could show me how do to this one day!! Love Bree
Feb 23, 2003 Sharon, MA Thanks for sharing your great site, and for letting me share mine as well!
Feb 22, 2003 S Brown, Florida Garden,Stained Glass,Bird Houses & Feeders,Subject Links
Feb 20, 2003 Michelle, LA
Feb 12, 2003 Lynne, CA
Feb 8, 2003 Phil Bradley of Bradley's Birdhouses Very nice set up.... and great items!
Feb 7, 2003 Amanda, Indiana I really like the perspective you have on the art work. Keep it up! Pen and Pencil Drawings
Feb 6, 2003 Siv Nyström, Piteå, in the north of Sweden
Feb 2, 2003 danielle schmidt, canada i really liked the fairy drawings....very cool.
Feb 2, 2003 Gretchen Glass, Kansas I Want to Remember 911
Feb 1, 2003 Johanna, Nevada Pen and Pencil Drawings
Jan 24, 2003 Valentina, Italy
Jan 23, 2003 Diana Gee California Love your garden....the pictures of the hummers were wonderful!!! I am hoping to tame my jungle and plant some flowers for hummers and other birds... love your website...thx...Diana
JAn 23, 2003 Wanda K. Ruddell Georgia After searching for thread storage for a friend, what a delightful surprise to go to the main page and find endless things to explore.... I have bookmarked and will return soon.
Jan 22, 2003 Diae Stevenson, California Thank You. I Want To Remember, 911
Jan 22, 2003 Kitty Clasing, Iowa Just started looking at your site and looks to be very interesting birding, gardening, photgraphy, reading, cooking, wildlife
Jan 21, 2003 Sara Shurtleff I have followed my geneology from the Shurtleff books and am 11th generation of William. Just getting into this and am excited. Thanks for a great site with lots of good info for Shurtleffs.
Jan 20, 2003 KimBerley, Michigan i enjoyed reading I want to remember 911....Thanks
Jan 19, 2003 Denise, Clarks Summit, PA Wonderful, wonderful job on this ... I LOVED it!
Jan 18, 2003 Doug Way, redding, CA Looking for the cook book, wanted the Spring Cassarole
Jan 12, 2003 Amanda DuBois, USA 911 page
Jan 11, 2003 Vivian Worrell, Auburn, NY USA Very nice! (Birdhouses and birdfeeders)
Jan 8, 2003 cody beck, iowa i really like your wicked awsome bird house thingys
Jan 6, 2003 Leah, OH Thanks so much for the spider web instructions! (Halloween)
Jan 2, 2003 Joellen, Yakima, WA Visited: 911 page

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