Name Sandpaper Verbena
Genus/Species Verbena rigida Spreng.
Verbena venosa
Verbena bonariensis var. rigida
Verbena rugosa
Family Verbenaceae
Type Perennial, high ground cover
Aka Coarse Verbena
Origin Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
Hardy to 15 degrees
Sun Full sun
Water Drought resistant, little water required
Size 2' tall, 4' wide
Plant Sprawly
Leaf Extremely coarse hard gray green
Flower Typical  purple verbena ball of five petaled flowers
Bloom Spring to fall
Seeds Teensy seeds in long brown pods (like amaranth)
Prune Take off plant tops at the end of winter for new spring growth
Prop Seeds or cuttings
Notes: Tuberous roots can be lifted for the winter in colder areas
My notes
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Name Violet Trumpet Vine
Genus/Species Clytostoma callistegiodes
Family Bignoniaceae
Type Evergreen vine
Aka Used to be Bignonia lindleyana or violacea B. speciosa
Origin South America, Argentina, Brazil
General Very easy to grow, low maintainence, strong grower
Needs trellis / support, will cling to anything
Zones 9, 12-24
Sun Full or partial shade
Water Moderate
Plant Sparse leggy vine, long trails
Leaf Waxy light green leaves in full sunlight, darker in shade
Flower Light purple streaked trumpet
Bloom Spring
Seeds Produces prickly seed pods full of saucer shaped seeds, two columns divided by a membrane
Prune Prune late winter to discipline
Prune dead branches, growth, flowers all year long
After it is three years old, the plant blooms and grows like crazy
Prop Seeds or cuttings
Stratify, soak and nick seeds, takes a long time to sprout
I have had more success placing the nicked and stratified seeds
between two layers of moist to wet paper towel on a tray
and leaving them in a warm spot covered lightly with newspaper
Notes: Too much sun = faded flower colour
Roots hardy to 10 degrees, tops hardy to 20 degrees
Picture  A picture of me seed pods are there as well.
My notes I accidentally cut one of the old established root stems about 6" above ground (EEK!) so I got a vase of water sitting above ground for it. It's doing fine even now, a year later! I have to break the vase and build a box around it to cover the roots, but it worked! Half the plant was connected to that one stem.

Grown along side a passion flower creates a spectacular wall of colour

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